2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!


Squirrels don’t bother my figs but the catbird loves eating them! I have to cover mine with organza bags as they start to ripen.


Congratulations, fellow figster! I like eating HCs just fine, too! :yum:


Looking at those trunks, any thoughts on whether I need to winter protect them or not?


HC is definitely one of my favorites for flavor and productivity. Some others taste better but I get basketfuls of HC.

I would protect it in case we get a polar vortex. They’ll experience damage below zero if unprotected no matter how mature. @Susu


I started losing apples to coddling moth, so I bought bags. They are coming over from my neighbor’s nuisance tree, so I don’t think spray will do much good. Maybe if I can re-use the bags next year, I won’t feel so bad about all the plastic waste.
I didn’t feed potash in July, so I think some of the Jonagold apples could have been larger.



Apples Fuji, Gala and Yellow Delicious :sunglasses:


Passion fruit harvest picking up! Today’s haul


My Figs are keep producing and very happy with them. Yesterday’s pick :sunglasses:


I’m jealous! nice figs!


Just checking if your eggplants start producing. I picked mine yesterday.


I unfortunately think I ran out of growing season, they have just sat there flowering for 2 weeks or so and have not produced any fruit…the plants still look really healthy though, I’m not sure what caused them to stall (perhaps shorter days and colder nights in the great white north?)

Congrats on yours though!


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This will be end of my apple season it was lot of fun.


I should be eating my first Gala right now, but they are still green. It seems I am 200 GDD behind last year.


Jujube season starting…

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I had beautiful eggplants . . . and they are still cranking 'em out. I have Black Beauty and the Japanese variety. (Truth is - I really don’t like them much! But they are so pretty to grow!)


Fried like green tomatoes…
or eggplant parmajan?


Omg! Wish ur closeby; my boys love grilled Japanese eggplants!


I do sauté them or put them on the grill. But you can just do that ‘so many times’ each week! Eggplant Parm is too involved, for me, right now - so I give them away to friends. I would paint them if I had the time . . . they are really gorgeous.

Courtney, I wish I could ‘beam you up’ some!


Summer is still going full speed.