2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!



My first harvest at my new house! From my eastern prickly pear. Tiny fruit, not a lot of pulp, but amazing flavor.


Lemon guava season starting. Like I said in another thread, if you can put up with the fruit size, these are great in all other aspects - productive, creamy, sweet, cold hardy and soft-seeded (for a guava).

I thinned these by 50% and the fruits are more uniform and slightly better tasting. I should be more aggressive next year.


Hardy hibiscus still blooming


Picked today… :blush:



What figs are in the first picture? That persimmon looks very ripe and juicy :yum: Looks like you’ve got a bountiful harvest rolling in!


Hi! Yes i’m really happy today! For the first time i eat che fruit and kiwi baby… we love both! The figs are pingo de mel. They are very sweet and the seeds so tiny that you don’t sense them… Yummy! :yum:


These fell off the trees today. The two GR were not ripe, too early for it.


First fruit from my second-leaf Parfianka. Clearly under-ripe but I’m surprised the seeds were not that much softer than Wonderful! I wonder if the tree was mislabeled. Is this expected given the ripeness and age of the tree? @Stan @bleedingdirt, what’s your experience?


That doesn’t look like Parfianka. If I remember right, the arils are supposed to be blood red.


I thought the arils will be pale (like Stan’s was few weeks back) if the fruit is under-ripe


But then the fruit wouldn’t crack. Unless you overwatered the tree. The fruit is quite big too, so it is close to, if not ripe.


This is how it looked on Nov 24th, 2015


I see, its possible it is mislabelled. I bought it from FourWinds and had a DWN tag that it is Parfianka. I will watch it for one more season and top work it.


Every time I go outside this is my snack :sunglasses:


Similar here - Guavas and (last of the) figs keep me interested until the persimmon season starts here! I get bags of Jiro fuyus dumped by my neighbors until I turn orange :slight_smile:


Golden and purple pepino melon


How do they taste for you? Every time I buy pepinos in the store, they’re pretty uninspiring.


Hello my friend! My plants have very good quality. The usual ones are more sweet that purple, but my golden pepinos are sweet with pear/melon flavour. We love them!
But pepino melon have vary variable flavour.