2020 pick of the day


Our Saturns aren’t that yellow. Some folks luv ‘em since they are so sweet, but there is not much peach in the flavor.


Are yours the round type,like those pictured?bb


General search for Saturn’s always show up with a donut type. I initially thought it was a mislabeled graft. However, the DWN link seems true to what I get.



Ours are the pale fleshed donut type. Had never heard of a round type. Shouldn’t they be named after a different planet?

No peaches at all this season. Late frost got them all.


Veggies, including a southern pea grown for snaps called whippersnapper and a few types of Korean zucchini. A few contender peaches and some Chestnut crab apples. Scion wood for Chestnut is from GRIN, but they don’t look as red as most I see, but seeds are brown and they taste sweet and ripe.


These unknown peaches from my home Depot tree are huge this year. I guess this is what happens when you don’t let tree grow 250 peaches.


Thai curry for lunch. First crop of ichiban eggplant and first time harvesting lemongrass. The Thelma Sanders winter squash fell victim to a borer, so she’s going in too.


Shiro J plum. Like the color but the taste is so so.


Flavor King Pluot. Very flavorful and sweet, by far my favorite plum.


@fruitgrower Here’s another California grower who seems to have the early sport of FK.


Today’s harvest.


Very nice. What are your light green peppers?


Banana peppers, I’m going to pickle them. Too hot for me otherwise.


Besides all of the Fruits that are appearing I also love seeing the vegetables you have all had great success with. I couldn’t grow an acorn squash in zone 7a if I had wanted. Just didn’t work for me. I think I had really bad soil. It also didn’t help that our water was unpotable.


Little bit of everything for a family member.


I never see so many birds and squirrels so we picked and tested some new fruits.

Brown Turkey fig: I thought the plant was killed by gopher many years ago. It came back this season. The fruits are still a little unripe so not sweet at the stem end.
Elephant Heart plum: these dropped when I tried to put on the ziploc bags, or by the squirrels. They were green, but after a few days on the counter they changed color and became sweet.

Brown Turkey figs

Elephant Heart plums

Brown Turkey fig and Elephant Heart plum

Panache (Tiger) fig: I picked one because the eye was a little open There was no milky sap at the stem end. It was surprisingly good: firm, moist, and sweet, no wonder the squirrels went nut.

Tiger fig and Satsuma plums

Passion fruits: start dropping from the trellis

Flavor Grenade pluot

The rest of the Fortune plums: leave on the counter until soft they will be sweet with nice flavor


Starking Delicious plums and a few Atomic Red Nectarines.


Some of what we been picking lately! Sorry for the mess on the counter top!

Also my wife packed this box for her Mom


Absolutely wonderful garden loot. Isn’t it rewarding to share?


Thank you! Yes I enjoy growing my vegetables and some fruit, I love eating what we harvest but I also love to share with friends and family!