2020 pick of the day


Columbia Star and Newberry Blackberries.bb


Loving all these plum pictures. They all look great. I’ve got 4 trees that are on second leaf. That first fruit is gonna be faaaantastic.


Everglades tomato! That’s as big as they get but they’re TASTY!


Yesterday was a big garden day:


Amelanchier and strawberries:

Blooming sugar pea:


Zinfandel grape: very uneven ripening. They are still a little sour but I don’t want to add sugar, so I will cut these in halves, remove the seeds and dry them. I boiled the overripe and split ones with water for a few minutes, used the hand blender to break up, and then removed the seeds by the food mill. I added some sugar and boiled again. Thanks to @mrsg47 I recognize this kitchen gadget. I used to watch my mother used it all the time, but later on with the blenders and mixers I forgot all about it. It is very fast and easy to remove the seeds. In a mason jar in the fridge with double cling wrap under the lid, it will make a good drink with ice and sparkling water.

Burgundy plums: one bird eats only two plums everyday at noon, so I just let it be and pick the ripe ones


I was exhausted with the grape yesterday. This morning we picked more Burgundy plum. Last year we had the tulle on but not this year, too much work. We didn’t lose much because there is no more rats or squirrels. The good thing is the fruits are firm and don’t have smell even when they are edible, so the birds don’t really know which one to try and only do it when they are desperate. The bad thing is they try a new one every time, unlike pomegranate for which my sister said they would totally finish one before starting the next. We put the tulle on the Emerald Beaut and Elephant Heart trees yesterday. The birds love the fruits, even though they are not ripe yet…


Nectarine crop from the seedling tree. I had to pick the crop as the squirrels and the birds were wreaking havoc.

Very good flavor, a whiff of fresh coconut at the first bite, very sweet, but not cloyingly so.


Razz Blueberries.Pleasant tasting.Do they have the flavor of Raspberries?A little.bb


mine are fruiting for the 1st time. just starting to color up now.


I harvested my first Kikinda bottle gourd - a baby at only 30". They are supposed to be tender up to 4 feet, but I wanted to try it and ran out of patience. Plus I think one this size is already more than my family can eat in one meal. I think it grew 6" just last night after a big rain came through!


Interesting thing that it is originated from my country and this is the very first time I acknowledge that :slightly_smiling_face: My focus is more on fruit, not vegetables.
As I mentioned before somewhere here. This forum is very informative and simply awesome !!!


I used to grow Cucuzza which looks very similar like the gourd in your picture. It grew bery long and productive


Yes, I think it is basically a longer skinner version of Cucuzza. There are so many varieties of bottle gourd. Any suggested recipes?


Grate and mixe with ground meat use as dumping fillings. Or stir fry with meat. Some people stuff it with ground meat


Red Astrachan apple


Life may be a bowl of cherries, but are these cherries more likely to be Emperor Francis or Napoleon/Royal Ann?
[Reposting. First time the image would not load.]


Virginia Sweets. First time I’ve grown these. Will report on taste when they ripen.

‘Not So’ Sweet Millions. Won’t grow these again. Just NOT sweet at all. P.S. - Notice the ‘veining’ on both of my tomato shots? They don’t really look like that! Something happens with the photo process. Strange.

Baby ‘Black Beauty’. These are great this year.


Check out my Chard mutation, I believe it’s called Fasciation.


Third picking of beets. Golden beets to the left will be roasted with goat cheese. I’m going to make a beer hummus with the other red ones.


Blackberries are going strong again this year. So much fruit for so little work. Also just starting to get peaches. So far a lot of split pit but we can cut off the peach around the bad spots and they are delicious.

Last but not least, blackberry cobbler my wife made this morning.


Saturn Peaches and a nectarine or two…

Damaged goods

Saturn’s are absolute rot magnets for me, 2/3rd of the crop goes wasted even with sparse set and thinning (admittedly halfhearted). The taste is just about bearable.