2020 pick of the day


That’s what I thought as well! I’m really impressed with that bush. It looks really healthy and now that I know that the berries taste great it might be worth propagating…


Parsley and cilantro to go with all the lettuce not in the photo as well as Ronde de nice ball zuchinis, patty pans, 2 eversweet and 2 sweetest yet cucumbers as well as the last of the sour cherries. Thai red garlics and @Luisport Thanks for all the wonderful vinho verde coming from portugal by the way!


Wow! Enjoy my friend. I love it too! :yum:


The gardens are really starting to explode. Of course there are plenty of zucchini. Below is a special zuke who I call zucchini duck.


Southern Highbush,Bountiful Blue.bb


Early Laxton plum. 15 brix. Good taste. About 4 cm diameter.



Not actually a pick of the day…maybe a pic of the day. This is one odd looking asparagus. Anyone have an idea what mighr cause this? (No herbicides or pesticides are used on it).:+1:


It is so nice to see the pictures of veggies from everyone. :smiley:
My squashes somehow only had opened male flowers, and the occasional female one dried up from the heat, so we removed the plants. The only reliable producers are cherry tomatoes. We still have some green bean and snow pea.
Fortune plum: started dropping from the heat so I picked some. The inside is first yellow, and then turns red, soft, and much sweeter after a few days on the counter. Very good cold from the fridge, freestone, and the skin is not sour.


Just want to mention . . .
‘Sweet Slice Cucumber’. This is my new favorite cucumber. It truly is sweet. And not many seeds. Burpless, too.
I also am growing ‘Green Crisp’ and ‘Burpless Beauty’. Neither of those come close to the flavor of ‘Sweet Slice’.


I love those zucchini they are much easier to keep track of in my opinion (no baseball bats hiding under the leaves!) And they stay relatively seedless for quite some time. I like them for fried zucchini and I want to try using the big round slices for a base for zucchini pizza. Here are a few of mine this year, just started harvesting this week:


First golden beets of the year. ain’t they gorgeous?


Picked unknown plum/pluot. Squirrels started picking. Very sweet , juicy but the skin is a little tart. Overall it has great flavor


I agree they are really delicious and easier to stay on top of when you keep going at them while they are small!
Tondo Scuro Di Piacenza Squash and small ronde de nice

Patty pans


Burgundy plum

Sugar Twist pluerry

The first Catalina plum: very sweet




The first Emerald Beaut plums: very nice flavor and sweet, one of the best plums we have
Flavor Grenade pluot: very nice and sweet
Catalina plum: this one is still firm and a little sour


Japanese Cucumber harvested today 07-20-2020.


Overloaded with fruit these days… here’s today’s sampling…

Pluots: Splash, Emerald Drop
Plums: Inca, Hollywood, Seedling (Unnnamed as yet, the purple with bloom)
Pluerry: Sweet Treet… (still a thousand or more on the tree)
Nectarines: Seedling (Unnamed as yet, but easily my best of the ten or so I have), panamint and others I forget
Compost germinated tomatoes, way intense flavor than the insipid store parents.
Jalapenos (they are fruit aren’t they?)


Salad in the making:

An unnamed zucchino: