2020 pick of the day


Fantastic coloration!


Foraged watercress, mulberries from my dwarf plant, and berries for pie


Should we have a separate thread just showcasing unusual shakes and growth?

Conjoined zukes.


Are the partially dried red currants sweeter than others?


For this thread, we would be happy so see any fruit/veggie/flower grown by the poster.
Thanks for posting. :smiley:


Good question, I wish I could answer it! I didn’t try them before making them into pie filling. Crazy, right?


Grape tomatoes = Romello or are different varieties?


The tag says Tomato “Red Grape”. I bought them as small plants from a local nursery back in May. They are in an enclosure with shade cloth so basically in the shade, except for late in the afternoon. The plants are about 4 feet high and still produce fruits.


The rest of Donut peach: they lasted for a long time on the tree
Mixed plums: Shiro (yellow), Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Burgundy
Flavor Grenade: first one that dropped, sweet and a little sour, very nice

I finally found a way to use the fresh blackberries. Except for me, no one in my family eats them because of the seeds. Using the food mill, patiently, to remove the seeds, I could get all the pulp and juice. Adding a little sugar and some ice, it makes a very nice summer drink.


Triple Crown Blackberries


Early Laxton.Sweet,delightful little Plum.bb




Beautiful berries! They look huge!


Thank you! They do have a good size, flavor is good as well!


Beets, the last of the strawberries and peas.

Garlic. I hosed the garlic down because the roots had dried cow compost sticking to it pretty good and I could not brush it off.


The last of Shiro plum, tastes better than usual, and Sweet Treat pluerry.


Pulled a small batch of carrots to see how they were doing. This is the small, Parisian Carrot.

The first ripe raspberries and currants of the season.


Look great taste even better!


First Raspberries off this wild bush. They had a very pleasant aroma with good acidity.

First Schauenburger cherries ( If I have time I’ll pick them tomorrow):


those are good sized raspberries for a wild bush. ours are half that size here.