2020 pick of the day


Yes, a lot of fuzz. My tree is a seedling of either PF24 C or Autum Star. I stuck peach seeds in ground a few years ago. I got a few seedlings for rootstocks.

It has 6-7 varieties grafted on it. Other varieties on this rootstock seem to produce good fruit.


I agree Phill, a very good peach. Hopefully I will get to enjoy one in a week or so!


Today’s Pick :sunglasses:


That is fantastic!


You are going to be the healthiest person.


First of the PF24C. Nice peaches this year, did a better job of thinning and withholding water. Brix has been 14 to 20 so far with most in the 16 to 17 range. These are the outer layer peaches that ripen up first. I expect the interior peaches won’t be quite as high quality.




Simply amazing! They are perfect!


Here is my one little sad ‘Grimes Golden’. They all had black spots and cedar rust . . . but you know what? I pulled this one off and took a bite, anyways. No worms. But it was a little dry. Even so . . . . it tasted GREAT! So much flavor! I ate some and stuck the rest of it in the frig so my husband could taste it too. I saw him later on that evening , after he had found the ½ eaten apple and polished it off. He said, ‘Man was that a good apple!’ So we know that we can grow them here . . . and probably a lot better next year with the proper spray schedule. YES! Very exciting.


Garden Delight Miniature Nectarine . We planted this tree late spring last year. So, I am happy to get any fruit at all. Flavor is interesting, very floral, almost tropical. Unfortunately not very sweet and small. The tree is in a pretty marginal spot in terms of sunshine. So it will be interesting to see how this does in the long run.


Flavor king, candy heart, and emerald beaut. Emerald beaut is not ripe yet, but still pretty good. Over fruited the flavor king and it lacks sweetness this year. On the other hand the candy heart was also over fruited but that did not seem to affect fruit quality. It is still very sweet and good. Candy heart was the best here.


The black is sooty blotch and washes right off!


What else I can say " Everyday is a Fig day".


I am going through the trouble of building a greenhouse just so I can experience a similar fig abundance. So jealous.


Figs are purely sugar. I always wonder how the trees make them from my very bad hillside soil without any amendment or fertilizer. Every time I cut them up to dry, I feel so bad because they are so good fresh from the tree. However, like most people, I can only have so much sugar in a day, and I want to save room for other sweet things too. Please pick some varieties that taste best in your area, but don’t plant too many. You will be staring and wondering what to do with them in no time.


I am in Socal where people can grow a lot of different fruit trees. I haven’t been able to give away many figs. Even my relatives don’t want them, and the neighbors only want a few, once in a while. They all look sad after a day on the counter, so they take up a lot of room in the frigde unless I dry or make jam everyday, and that is a lot of work. Everyone says it is best to have someone else planting the tree and get the fruits as a gift, you would be enjoying them a lot more. :wink:

Everyone likes plums or pluots, and never says no to them.:heart_eyes:


Hot sauce time.


Garden Gold Miniature Peach and Flavor King Pluot. Both were very good today. When the sugar gets up in the king it really is fabulous. Garden gold has a very nice peachy flavor. I am noticing I prefer the peaches and nectarines with a strong peachy flavor like baby crawford.


One thing I enjoy about growing fruit is taking a bunch of it to my mom so she can give it to her friends. She enjoys showing it off and telling her friends I grew it and so on, and of course it makes me happy too. Here are the 20 bags of apples I took her to give away (along with some tomatoes and butternut squash from my garden).

Shown are Braeburn, Rome, Yellow Delish, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Liberty,