American Persimmon Flavor?


I recently had the chance to visit Edible Landscaping in Afton, VA for their Fall Fruit Day! The place was beautiful and it was amazing to see all the different varieties and taste some unique fruit. Owner Mike McConkey was kind enough to pull out some persimmons from their freezer for us to try. Got to try the American variety Weber along with two Asian varieties, Great Wall and Giombo. We really enjoyed the taste of Weber. The closest descriptor we could come to was rum and raisin ice cream, which I grew up eating all the time.

I am looking to plant two American persimmons in my family’s yard and was wondering if anyone has flavor descriptors for the following varieties: 100-46 (Lehman’s delight), Prok, H63A, and WS 8-10? Or does anyone have a favorite they recommend? Looking for something with good size that has a nice sweetness with a more complex flavor, because we definitely preferred the taste of the American varieties when compared to the Asian.

Thank you all for the help!


All four are good. My preferences go to WS 8-10 and H63A.


H-63A has something extra added to its flavor. It’s the best American persimmon I’ve tasted.

100-46 is large and simply excellent. Sweet persimmon flavor. Most persimmons are very similar in taste.

Prok is early ripening and excellent. 100-46 is (I think) 4-6 weeks later.