American persimmons right on schedule


Prok, Meader, H-118 …are ripened and starting to fall off the trees.


Ps. Clark here is the Drippin Honey Asian pear


Those are great pictures, Tony. My prok here in northwest New Jersey are still green. This year my persimmon leaves suffered a minor attack of tent caterpillars that I let go too long working on other projects.


Tony, do u have critters coming by for night/day visits? 1/2 of my Asian Pears are long gone by the time they ripen…:pensive:


I trapped 3 raccoons, 2 squirrels, and 4 opposums this year and that helped saving my fruits from critters this year.


Would love to get your opinion of American Persimmons vs Asian/American hybrids or Asians. If I am already growing Asian and hybrid persimmons, is the flavor of American persimmons so different?


Yes. American persimmon is very fragrance unlike the Asian or Hybrids. Prok, Yates, 100-46, and H-118 are all good D.V.



ugh…I have a nice H118 that’s almost 6 feet tall, I am thinking next year might be the year it finally fruits, and a smallish Prok and EG of about 3 and 4 feet tall………tired of waiting, but not many other options :frowning:


I’m eating Prok from Red Fern Farm. Also pawpaws and Asian pears.

Osage persimmon is very early ripening but very small. It has good flavor.





Either that is your grandkids hand or
Your prok is significantly larger than mine


They are mine. Prok fruits are large for American persimmon. They are the size of a plum.



Here are my prok
Significantly smaller than yours,but still large
Wonder why


I think your hand is larger than mine.


Tony is right. Your hand is larger.




Oops. I should have weedwhacked under my prok trees earlier. Dropped ripened fruits were here and there under the weeds already.


Prok looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. It’s hard to find descriptions for many of the American varieties. I’m planting a persimmon orchard in the Fall with 16 varieties and will definitely have to add Prok