Anyone grow Muscadines?


Can’t relate to zone 7, as I’m in 8b, however the muscadines are usually one of the last things here to break dormancy, as mine did probably a month ago, but some of mine are definitely slower than others. Give them time, they’ll come alive soon.


I am in the northern VA area and out of 13 like 3 are starting to show life. Six are new from this postings order and the others are older.
Do the scratch test to be sure.


I’m curious if any of you have done any grafting of your muscadines and how that has worked. I’m planting one on each side of my house and a little worried that the female on one side may not get great pollination from the self-fertile variety on the other side of the house. So if I had any issues, I was hoping I could graft a piece of the self-fertile variety out on the end of one of the female varieties arms. Is that viable? I understand that field grafting muscadines is pretty tough.


Seems like muscadines are very difficult to graft… but possible. See this post:


I am considering adding some Muscadines. Is zone 6 too cold for them? I was looking at Black Beauty and Ison.


I planted 6 muscadine vines from Isons.
Fry. Early Fry. Late Fry. / Dixie. Darlene. Tara.
I know that the ‘Frys’ do well, here. Not sure how the others will fare. We’ll just have to see.
I think I posted before, that I didn’t have a way to sink 4x4s . . . so I was going to try to use the really heavy steel posts. That wasn’t working. Yesterday - my brother in law offered to go and get the 4x4s and set them for me. All of my vines have reached the 5’ height - and I’m excited to start training them to ‘move down the wire’.


I’ve been keeping an eye on this thread - and it’s interesting to see all of the different creative ‘arbor’ systems. I’m going with Ison’s recommendation. We have the space for it. But, I like the good-looking, decorative solutions, too.


checking in for the first time here…

Recently discovered a large muscadine vine on a plot of land that had 40+ main arms and spread 120 ft. I built a huge trellis that also serves as a property border fence and attempted to tame the vine. Unfortunately, the flowers just started to open (8b) and it is a male. :frowning:

This vine got me hooked quickly… I’ve already ordered and planted:

Southern Home
Ruby Crisp

so here we go!


odin.9, please read the descriptions on the “choosing a cultivar” links to help with future variety decisions.


@Fusion_power did i made a poor selection of varieties? you have me second guessing now.

wine/juice: noble, carlos, doreen (said to be more resistant to rot than carlos so i thought i’d try).
top fresh red/bronze: fry and supreme.
strong recommendations based on uga were summit and triumph.

admittedly i chose southern home b/c i’m in the deep south and pineapple for the name.
ruby crisp is unproven and seemed like a good gamble.


The choices are not bad, just pointing out the information for future additions. There are a lot of excellent varieties available. Paulk and Supreme are two that would be good future choices.


right on… i actually did use uga when selecting. i also mistakenly was calling supreme variety by the name of superior… opps. so i have supreme variety already.


Here is another list which is broken into categories for juice/wine or fresh.

Also interesting TV clip about the oldest grape vine in North America located in NC


Well it took forever but they are finally showing signs of life. Kinda on the same schedule as my in-ground figs.


That’s definitely good news. I knew it would leaf out because mine was fine. Glad to know it did not die on you. That would be a shame.

Here are the photos of my 2 muscadines.


Black Beauty:


Congratulations!!! Hope it grows well for you.


I’m late to the party this season but I’ve been devouring muscadine info here (thanks to Bill, Marcus, Darrel and others) and I really want to plant some.

I’ve got space for a 35.5 foot run. That should be sufficient for two plants right?

I want to be able to eat the skin and I usually eat seeds too. I think I’m going to go with Lane and Black Beauty on the strength of reviews here from folks in zone 7.

Isons doesn’t have Lane in stock and I don’t really have space for 6 plants to meet a minimum order. I found potted Lane at Wilson Bros Gardens. Anyone have experience buying from them? Black Beauty is going to be hard to find so I might put it off until Fall.


If I could only have two, Lane and Black Beauty would be my choices for fresh eating. Getting Lane (perfect flower) started a little earlier will ensure a good pollen source for Black Beauty.


anyone ever built a single line trellis using galvanized U channel posts or T posts? I’ve got a couple 8 foot heavy duty 2lb/foot U channel posts (heavy duty sign posts). Run the wire through the top channel hole and fasten with anchor vise. 35 feet between end posts with one line post in the middle. Will probably anchor end posts with an arrowhead anchor.

not sure if that’s going to be heavy duty enough for muscadine but i’m only doing a run long enough for 2 plants


I use 8.5 ft T-posts and brace end posts with a diagonal T-post. The trellis wires are about 6 feet above the ground. The reason it is high is so I can run a mower beneath the vines. I also run 2 wires for the trellis spaced about 3.5 feet apart on a horizontal arm attached to the T-posts. Use heavy duty wire for the trellis!


Thanks Darrel I’d love to see pics of your setup if you have any. Particularly the end posts and bracing.