Anyone growing Miss Kim Mulberry?

There’s not much info or pics on the Miss Kim mulberry from England’s Orchard.
I got scions from Cliff and was able to graft and bud it, but was unsuccessful rooting it.
Any info on size, taste and production would be greatly appreciated. Especially compared to other mulberries.

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It shall be called a Yetti mulberry - only a few pics appeared on the internet. I have not heard anyone having them.






I tried to get some info on Miss Kim mulberry with a new thread earlier this year, but no luck.
Is it prolific? How big are the mulberries? What don’t you like about it, too sweet?

I brought this over to your thread so we weren’t talking mulberries on the juju thread. Tag me with a @k8tpayaso and I’ll find your question wherever.

I don’t know too much about it. It was given to me as an air layered plant last year. I put it in the ground last fall and the first part of the year it’s growth was slow. After I amended my soil with some iron/sulfur it has grown well. It had a few small berries in the spring as a very young, small plant. I thought they were bland but very sweet. They may get bigger and better as the tree grows. @Livinginawe in another thread thought it might be the same as Valdosta but I haven’t a clue.

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Thank you for the info. I got some cuttings from Cliff England in the spring that I grafted and also tried to root. None rooted, but the grafts took. I hope to get some berries next spring. The leaves are small and the growth doesn’t seem too vigorous.

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Mine has smallish leaves for a mulberry. Good luck. I’ll know more about this next year I hope. It’s kind of a curiosity to me—I also have a Miss Kim persimmon.

Nice! I saw that Cliff named a persimmon Miss Kim also.
Do you remember if the Miss Kim mulberries are staining?

I don’t know about the staining. The berries are very dark but haven’t noticed whether they leave a mark or not.

Yes…Miss Kim fruit is staining. All dark-fruited mulberries are staining (even Pakistan to a small degree).


There is a picture on the internet showing very large Miss Kim fruit…That is possible, but more likely not reflective of the fruit in general. My Miss Kim has only been growing for a few years, so it is difficult to form an opinion about fruit size. As with most mulberries, fruit size increases as the plant matures.
I do like Miss Kim fruit quality…Although it doesn’t have the complex taste of Illinois Everbearing, Silk Hope, or Black Mulberries (Morus nigra), it is a sweet, juicy mulberry with none of the “off-flavors” that you get with some mulberries. Also (just my opinion), I enjoy the more “complex” tasting mulberries at first, but after devouring vast quantities, by the end of their season I am rather tired of their taste…and I don’t feel (again, just my opinion) the more “complex” mulberries make a better pie or cobbler.
The one problem with Miss Kim is that it seem very prone to leaf-spot disease. My Miss Kim lost all of her leaves in mid-summer, with the advent of the rainy season, and consequentially, it has not had any new growth since spring. I also took a lot of cuttings for rooting experiments…so it is in a very pathetic state right now. I see your zone is 9A…If it is a dry zone 9A, this mulberry will do fine for you, but if you live in a “humid summer” climate, you are likely to suffer the same leaf-spot diseases that I am facing in northern Florida. In that case, you would be better off with a more disease resistant cultivar such as Silk Hope, Tice, or Pakistan (and possibly Valdosta).
I had questioned whether Miss Kim and Valdosta were the same (since they originated near each other)… I now believe they are perhaps different, due to subtle differences. Valdosta may be more prolific, leaf size is perhaps larger, and seems more resistant to leaf-spot disease.


Thank you for so much info and detail. I’m in Phoenix and we’ve had about two drops of rain this year, so no leave spot problems for the Miss Kim. That pic on the internet is why I got Miss Kim cuttings! lol

I almost went with Silk Hope instead of Miss Kim, but read somewhere that Silk Hope does better in the South. The Valdosta sounds good too. I guess it’ll be hard to compare Miss Kim and Valdosta fruit and production when your Miss Kim is not healthy. I hope to get some Miss Kim fruit this spring from the graft on a 12ft Tehama.

I wonder who “Miss Kim” is that so many plants are named for her. There’s a nice lilac named “Miss Kim”, which also happens to have small leaves.


My Miss Kim branch grafted on a Pakistan mulberry fruited this year, but the berries were tiny. All were half inch to one inch long. The Pakistan berries were nice normal sized. What size are your Miss Kim mulberries this year?

My berries this year were larger. Probably only about an inch and a half but plumper and “nice” berries. I really don’t care for their taste. They are very sweet. That’s about it.

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Hi All! I bought a Miss Kim tree online last spring. It grew well but hasn’t fruited yet. I took some cuttings from it this fall, and it looks like they’re going to root. Has anyone else had success rooting Miss Kim? Thanks! - Mark

I bought a Miss Kim from Whitman Farms in Oregon. It came in a one gallon pot and was grafted. It is leafing out now in the greenhouse and small fruit are starting to form with the leaves. I also got Kokusu and shagrila and white ivory…All four plants are happy in my greenhouse and leafing out. I had 3 very large pakistan white freeze when it dropped to 8 degees F. and they were budding up and it killed the top and the rootstock is alive and is russian. I think burnt ridge also has it.

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so u have three large white pakistan that died back to graft when it was colder than 8 degree?

I have the purple that never put on fruit and bought 3 of the big Morus alba ( Pakistan Alba) from a R C W nursery in Houston Tx at a reduced price . They had a few mulberry showing and they were being grown in Plantersville. they were huge 9or 10 teet tall and 6-8 diameter. The next 2-3 years no mulberry and damage to buds. Last year the tops all died , but some of the root stock came up… The trees were tagged L.E. Cooke Co. and They still have a web site that is Ask the Grower. They experiment with the root stocks and also advised to now grow in Austin, Texa

I called Whitman Farms and talked to the owner Lucile . She sent me White Ivory, Shangrila, Miss Kim and Kokuso. I have ordered cuttings from ebay seller in Texa of Tehama a big white and I will graft it on the russian mulberry. The Whitman farms plant went in my greenhouse and are budded out and making mulberrys now.

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Not to grow in Austin, Texas. Grow persian or black beauty

Tell me about growing your Tehama. I just ordered some cuttings from ebay from Texa. Plan to graft on russian root. How long have you had it??

My Tehama is still producing all male catkin flowers after 5 years in ground. It’s only about 14 ft tall and wide because most trees grow slower in Phoenix. I hope it will really change to female soon and not some bs. Does anyone have a real photo of a Tehama fruit?

I grafted Pakistan to it two years ago so at least I’ll get some fruit from this tree :stuck_out_tongue: