Apple Mosaic Virus?

Looks like one of my apple trees has some kind of mosaic virus. The tree came from Raintree Nursery but I did add a graft to it from a different source.

Flower set is excellent and it is my current favorite apple tree. I wonder what the prognosis is.


What variety of apple is it?

I have a tree that I believe has apple mosaic virus. It is a Chestnut Crab from Adams County. It flowers like crazy, but all of the fruit drops. It already has 2 strikes against it, if it happens again this year, it gets the ax.


The effect of the virus on new growth disappears as the weather warms up with the approach of summer.


Great to hear that. This one was a big performer last year and I hope it continues into the future.

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Those leaves look like my Honeycrisp apple tree. That seems to be the natural way the Honeycrisp apple leaves are. Unknown to me. I thought my Honeycrisp apple tree had the Mosaic virus.

What apple variety is this?

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