Best nursery to buy grapevines?

Does anyone have experience buying grape vines for winemaking and if so is there a nursery you would recommend? Looking for stock for the Northeast, zone 6a.

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Double AA vineyards had incredibly healthy plants with good sized roots that they sent to me and a good selection and they are out of the NE. The healthiest grapes i have ever bought would definitely buy from them again.


Inland Desert Nursery, they ship all over the country. That’s where places like Raintree, and Burntridge get their grapes.


I got 4 vines from them and 5 from TyTy. They were both good, TyTys slightly larger, but Double A had the most variety for wine grapes. I need more so appreciate your advice since this is only my 2nd year buying grapes. It gives me more confidence in buying more from them. Thank you!

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I have not heard of them but will look up their varieties. Thank you for this lead.

Give Grafted Grapevines a look too. They’re a little smaller operation than Double AA but the roots I’ve seen from their vines were huge.


I boycott TyTy nursery due to their past behavior sueing forums to hide bad reviews.


I don’t think Ty Ty is any better these days. We just can’t find bad reviews of that place because of the law suit.

I hope @MaureeninMaine got the correct varieties from that place.


Oh, gosh - I wouldn’t have purchased from them if I had known. Thanks for the heads up.

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I’m not well schooled in grapes yet. I should have asked this forum first. :-((

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Here is our reference on nurseries.

Nurseries list.

Can I please just reiterate to anyone who comes along and see this thread to please, for the love of all that is good, please do not ever buy anything from Ty Ty. I completely understand that you were just trying to help, @MaureeninMaine and it sounds like you are one of the 3 people in history who somehow had a good experience with TY TY. But I promise it was a fluke. They ripped me off soooo bad before I knew about them and when I wrote letters explaining clearly how they had mistreated me they ignorred me and when I persisted attacked me. I promise if you knew the details you’d agree I was wronged. But that isn’t the only reason. Mention their name on any fruit website and you’ll get countless people talking about how they were lied to and cheated by them. Things got so bad that they started advertising under other company names and even used an address of other property they owned in the same GA town to try and hide who they were because word got out so bad. THey also started threatening to sue sites and people that tried to warn the public and give bad reviews. All this to say nothing about those really wierd videos that they have! ha

In short, if I were asked to name the worst business of any kind in America- not just nurseries but any business- I’d immediately say TY TY and countless others would too from what I’ve seen. So please, please think carefully and do some searches and reading and thinking before ordering from ty ty. I hope they see this post and threaten me again for warning people about them!


I concur on the Double A vineyard grapes having great roots.


I emailed them to cancel my 2nd order and just got this:
Due to COVID-19, we are no longer responding to email inquiries if you have any questions or would like to order please call toll-free 888-758-2252. We are experiencing long hold times and up to three-week delays in shipping. We have a more abundant demand and are working as hard as we can to fill your orders, questions, and concerns. Thank you for your business and your patience.

Ty Ty Nursery

So they have my money and it looks like I won’t get anything in return. They have always answered my other emails. This is clearly a trick.

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I feel like a total fool right now.

PLEASE DON’T!!! We all know you were just trying to help. And it took me getting ripped off TWO TIMES before I learned my lesson, so I was the real fool. All you did was recommend a company you had a decent experience with, which is normal. You had no way of knowing you were one of the only ones who ever did! haha (no, others have had satisfactory experiences I’m sure).

But you did get me to thinking and I did a little looking just to see if maybe things had changed in the 10 years it has been since they got me and when I heard and read all the horror stories about them. Well, it hasn’t!!! If you go to the Better Business Bureau and look them up, there are countless complaints. But more importantly, its funny because under several complaints there is the section where the company is allowed to comment on what the complaint says. In MANY cases, Ty TY comes along and says “this issue has been resolved and the customer is now satisfied and is withdrawing his/her complaint”. Then the complainer actually comes back and says “No, this issue is NOT resolved. You made me a bunch of promises but haven’t done anything you said you would do, so I’m not withdrawing at all”. If there were just one situation like that you might think it was just a picky customer, but that whole scenario is repeated many times.

I also checked a few ratings for them. On yelp they have 120 reviews and their average rating is…wait for it…2 STARS!!! Story after story of rip offs. On Daves Garden, the biggest and best site for nursery reviews, there scores are as follows: 4 positive, 5 neutral, 28 negative!!! On the Buy Evergreens site that also rates nurseries, their score is a “D”. There are no F’s so they have the lowest score of any nursery reviewed.

Please understand I’m reporting this not to make you feel bad, but just to confirm to anyone else who sees all this that they are still the biggest crooks.

BTW…they still are using other names to try and trick people who have heard all the horror stories about Ty TY. They have a website, run lots of adds, and have a youtube channel under the name “AAron’s Bulbs” AND “Aaron’s Nursery”. They didn’t even bother to use a different address, they just use a P.O. box instead of street address but keep doing business. They didn’t even bother to make new ads and videos- its still those strange ones with bad music that show people more than the plants!

I’m sorry…obviously I still have a sore spot for this company . haha. But no one blames you in any way whatsoever. I’m just sorry you seem to be in line now to be their next victim!!! Good luck getting your money back. And just so you know…here is how their warranty works. They guarantee trees for a year. However, if the tree dies they make you send a photo of the dead tree but you have to wait 3 months before they will take your complaint (they are betting you will forget about it). Also, after 3 months in most cases the dead tree will be leafless and perhaps broken off, at which point they will deny the claim and say they can’t tell it was their tree (they accessed me of just putting a stick in the ground) But here is the best part. If you somehow get them to honor their warranty, they will issue a credit for the value of whatever died…HOWEVER, in order to use that credit, you have to spend a NEW $60 minimum AND pay for postage on the replacement. Other places make you pay postage for replacement trees, but no one makes you spend $60 in new orders just to get a dead tree replaced…that is INSANE, as is the requirement to wait 3 months before reporting the tree dead-even if it arrives that way which they often do.

OK…I’ll stop. For the last time, I mean you no embarrassment or animosity of any kind and none of this is to blame you in the least for trying to help. I’m just so tired of these people committing outright fraud and theft for 10 years or more and want the world to know!


Hi Maureen, I’ve purchased a number of grapes (and other plants) from Fedco in Maine and been very happy with them. Great folks. Unfortunately ordering is now closed for this season. But they specialize in short season varieties which makes it easier to choose. For next year! Sue


I bought a couple grape plants from them this year. They were huge, I would recommend. They’re still pretty much dormant though with some buds starting to swell.

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Hi Sue
We love Fedco and buy a lot from them. But I already have 1/2 of the grapes they sell and the other half are not what I’m looking for. (We had a specific list). We were looking for some high quality wine grapes and I should have stuck with Double A. Unfortunately I stumbled across TyTy. But thank you for this recomendation! They are a great company. Always quality.