Best tasting apples


Sounds like a great apple actually. I like the ripening time.


Perhaps you are referring to Wynoochee Early, which arose at the far west of WA state, near Aberdeen, by the Wynoochee River.
It loses flavor in very high & dry heat, but might do very well for you. Hope so!


Yes, you no doubt have the right spelling. Prob a bit too early to say for sure, but the few we’ve gotten so far were good.


Growing on the Pacific Slope, (west of the Cascades) Wynoochee is remarkable: great texture & taste for an early apple, as well as keeping for months.
I cherished high hopes for it & grafted it successfully. In the following years it ceased to grow for nearly 8 weeks each summer in this climate. After buying a box full grown in the (full blown) desert I found it lacked flavor, texture or keeping.
I’ve seen some wonky spelling of this name, but the river can be found on a map of Washington state, so it’s easy to correct.


Hi! I love Bravo de Esmolfe! It’s the favourite apple of my mother… i will buy two trees this year! :blush:


I plan to get several apple trees:
Bravo esmolfe
Arkansas black
Hidden rose
Oxford black
Early maslin
Pink pearl
Pink lady
King David

at least…


Revive this thread. Apple season has arrived to most of us.

What are your best (or very good) tasting apples?

These are from left to right:
Ananas Reinette, Rubinette and Mott pink.

Mott Pink was very tart. Brix was 12, too tart for me. It was ripe.
Ananas Reinette, less tart, not quite ripe. Could not squeeze any juice from it.
Rubinette is head and shoulder above the other two. Sweet with a hint of acid and good crunch even though brix was only 14. Judging from the color of the seeds, it was not quite ripe. This apple is a winner. Can’t wait to eat the fully ripened one.


I concur, Rubinette is a clear winner. Thought it looked a little green in the picture :), but they are still good like that.


Now I can’t wait for my new Rubinette graft to produce apples.


My morning walk through the orchard revealed a Goldrush apple had dropped in a bag. It was still firm with a little gold covering (excellent). Of my later ripening apples Goldrush and Pink Lady are my top choices. I have two Sundowner apples starting to turn and I hope they will be as good as GR and PL. Looks like this will be my first year to have a few GR hang onto the tree into October.


@Auburn I have high hopes for our GR this year around here. They are predicting highs in the low 70s and lows in the 40s to low 50s for the next 7-10 days. That could do wonders for our apple ripening situation. I can’t remember this much cool weather in september. Most of my GR hangers are still pretty green but starting to show some yellow. I’m thinking maybe a couple more weeks then they should be ready. The drops I was getting in aug/early sept have stopped which is good. Those were decent, but clearly not fully ripe. After 3 weeks in the fridge they were definitely enjoyable but not great. My sundowner are exactly on track with yours and just starting to show a little color.


Could you please confirm that this is Herefordshire apple?
When did yours ripen, please?

I just look it up. It is a closely related to Rubinette (another Cox and Golden Delicious cross).


I don’t know that I’ve heard of it. But it has the finest lineage. Freyberg and Rubinette have the same parents and they are both candidates for top 10 apples.

Plus, I’m prejudiced in favor of russets.


The best apples I have are russets


Do you have any fireblight problems with Pink Lady? I am interested in this apple but I am concerned about fireblight. Thanks.


I consider Spartan a good eating apple, they are one of several that you see everywhere in Ontario…at the supermarket and farm stands…from my perspective…because people have little interest (growers and buyers) in searching beyond the known. They are a fine all around apple, nothing wrong with them , but not terribly interesting from my perspective…seen everywhere along with Ida Reds, Cortlands, Macs, Empires, Paula Reds, and to a lesser degree Spys…


Confirmed! That looks precisely like Herefordshire Russet as grown here.

The ripening time is right about now through early October in my neck of the woods, which I’d guess is probably a little earlier than yours due to much hotter days, although maybe longer daylight hours through summer and warmer nighttime temps for you might compensate for the hotter daytime temps here. Mostly I base my “pulled it from my rear” ripening calculation on when you have declared other fruits we both grow ripe and ready for harvest. I seem to be ahead of you most of the time.

I hope it’s as delicious for you as it is for me. It sure produces nice looking fruit, something pretty unusual for russets in my orchard, which usually crack and/or have related rot and corky flesh problems.


I grafted this HR on a Honey Crisp tree but not in the best position, unfortunately. It sure is a pretty apple. Its pedigree is impressive. I like Rubinette and quite sure I will like its cousin.

My guess in my area, Herefordshire Russet will ripen about the same time as Hoople’s Antique Gold, another excellent russeted apple.


Talk to me about that. Because the russeting is a turn off, I have a bias that russeted fruit (pomme gris, bosc etc.) must have some superiority. But none of my russeted fruit have yet fruited, so I can’t really speak to it.

And one more thing - this year I’m seeing a little russet on fruit where I’m not really used to it: my Liberties, in particular, and a little bit elsewhere. What’s up with that?

Looking forward to hearing from you guys on this.


Fireblight on my Pink Lady apples has not been any worst than most of my other varieties.