Bubbleberry strawberry

Saw these at home depot for 13 buck for a pack of 4. Pricey, but I love unique fruit. It supposed to be a strawberry with hints of bubblegum flavor.

I bought 2 packs and planted them really dense. Hopefully this works out.


Should be interesting to see what the taste like. I’ve never had much luck with strawberries

Just another marketing scheme for growers …



Probably, but some very unique mostly heirloom strawberries are out there.
I grow White D pineberry a hybrid, about 300 years old. I love these. Far from perfect.
Mara des Bois has very good flavor and color Fire Engine red when ripe with a slight alpine taste blended with regular strawberry flavor. Outstanding.
Gariguette hybrid from France developed in the 1930’s. It is a favorite of many of the world’s top chefs. You can find recipes just for this strawberry.
I only tasted a few last year. I liked them. I need more for a full review

Hybrid ‘Marshall’ strawberries are considered the best of the best of American hybrids. It was discovered in 1883 by Marshall Ewell near Boston. Because of it’s flavor it quickly became a favorite of home gardeners and it’s fame and plantings spread across the U.S. It was widely grown in the Pacific Northwest. Diseases imported from other countries nearly wiped out the variety in the 1940’s. In the 1960’s many excellent strawberry varieties fell out of favor because of their soft fruit and inability to ship long distances. In 2008 it was declared an “endangered food” by Gary Paul Nabhan’s Renewing America’s Food Traditions. Since then it is slowly being reintroduced by several champions of the variety.

For alpines I like to grow Reine des Vallees. It is a non running red alpine. It produces profusely all season. I have tasted some better ones, but I still like this one as it so easy to care for and you propagate by breaking up the ever expanding clumps. In it’s first year it produced over 50 berries. My yard snacks. i eat them as I garden.

The Strasberry or Fragaria × ananassa ‘Mieze Schindler’ is a variety of the garden strawberry, with a raspberry-like appearance, originally developed by the German breeder Otto Schindler in 1925. It is not a hybrid of the two fruits. It is similarly soft textured, with characteristics that are similar to raspberries, such as being a deeper red, being rounder and having a bumpy exterior. They are also smaller than an average garden strawberry and have deeper seeds.

I also grow archer a new hybrid just released last year at one nursery. It’s all over this year.




Speaking of bubblegum, Toka plum is supposed to taste like bubblegum too. It’s an old cultivar re-marketed as bubblegum plum. I grafted some on my Satsuma last year, along with Vermont and Superior on that tree.

I had a Toka plum at Andy’s Orchard last Summer. It does taste like bubble gum.

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Total marketing, these have been around for a while as Musk Strawberries. It’s actually kind of funny, when I told a friend in northern Europe I was growing this species, they remarked that they are weeds lol.

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I have a few musk strawberries in my patch. They taste like super strong alpines to me. White flesh. Not much for texture, mush strawberries might be a better name?

What area do you live in, if you don’t mind sharing the state? I’ve been trying to find these for months, but they aren’t at my home depot.

This are a certain strain of musk strawberries, Baker Creek sells them. Many mail order houses sell other musk strawberries, other cultivars. I have been growing them about 5 years. Maybe these are better as for musk you need male and female plants.

Dose anyone have any runners? it does not look like this veritiy is being sold in the US any more.

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There at Lowe’s right now.

These are musk strawberries and they are sold all over. They may not be this cultivar but they all taste the same. I grow three or four cultivars and they have slight differences they all have an alpine on crack taste. Grape like flavor. I think they are excellent. I like the Baker Creek nursery version that sells Scarlet. It is an excellent musk strawberry. If you can’t find this one try Scarlet. It is the most productive musk strawberry I have grown.

I only have one Lowes near me and they sell garbage. How much did lowes want? I could sponcer some and receive them in the fall.

Big box store fails - General Gardening - Growing Fruit

$12 for a 4 pack

Reading from the start of this thread, looks like we’ve had some inflation.


isn’t this just a moschata sold under some marketing BS

Fragaria moschata Bazooka a selection from Fragaria moschata Capron Framboise, is supposed to have the most bubblegum taste.

They usually need a male around. (most moschata’s have 100% female flowers)

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I have found with musk strawberries that regular perfect flower strawberries pollenate them just fine. No need for males. Also no need to replace them. They are in general low producers but my eight year old plants are loaded with berries.


Moose, put it back. Strawberries that taste like bubblegum are really bad. I grew a variety like it one summer. Worst tasting mistake I ever made. Went to the local berry patch to pick instead, only to find out they were growing the same variety. I think it was Tripoli.

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