Buds , Flowers and Fruits 2022 Edition!

Not CAR, although I did a similar review of that when it occurred earlier in the season. I had the same weather pattern late in the summer. About 3 weeks of daily rain which kept me from spraying. Here’s a pic of those CAR leaves from early summer. Worst on the bottom although mutsu and Virginia Gold are not represented and they looked terrible.


I’m checking out scab versus marssonia. Septoria?

This relates to @BlueBerry discussion regarding disease resistant varieties.

Here’s a picture. I don’t think it’s fireblight. It’s in multiple trees. The damage is frozen in time. Came out one day after lots of rain. Has not spread appreciably. No leaf drop. No shepherd’s crook. Across varieties. New growth on the same limb is clear.

I had the exact same thing early in the season.

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Perhaps you might also post this under my old thread about “most verdant and disease resistant” apple trees?

Good information.

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Great photo of all your apple tree leaves.

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After work trip to the garden and… Good eats…


Question: Could you manage to get by if okra was outlawed like hemp?

@BlueBerry … love the okra… we eat it 2 or 3 times a week and just do not get tired of it.

Had grilled hamburger steaks tonight… and keto fried okra… and some bigbeef and cherry tomatoes.

We topped that off with some CH figs…

Just excellent food.

Okra is also very keto friendly… a few details below.

Okra is a vegetable that is rich in nutrients and is great for a keto diet. One cup (100 grams) of raw okra has just 33 calories, 7 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber. For just 4 net carbs per serving , you get a great source of both Vitamin C and K, a host of antioxidants, and 2 grams of protein.


Nor going to object…I like fried okra, or in a soup.

I’ve never seen so much blush on a Winter Banana. I don’t care for the fruit.

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Send some okra to France, they really do not eat it here! They eat everything else that is slimey so I have no idea how okra missed the list! I love it!


Good point and FUNNY! :laughing:


Moonglow pears done for the season. It was fun pears season.


I use Winter Banana more as a pollinator than an apple to use in my house. I had some last year and they were good but sort of mealy. I fed them to my horses. They LOVED them. So I leave that tree for those two purposes.


Finally getting a decent every-other-day haul of tomatoes!

Most of the “Optimal” (yellow/red striped) and all the “Pink Boar” (green/red/pink striped) are from in the greenhouse, but the rest are from outside, and the two sizes of red tomatoes are third-generation volunteers that are descendants of sungold and seem like perfectly fine little tomatoes.

I was lining up the different varieties and one member of the family insisted on eating one:



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Beautiful child, tomatoes too!


The okra and cherry tomatoes are still producing… last year the okra produced until first week in November.

Eating all we want and canning and freezing it… Giving some to my wifes mother… 86 yo and she loves fried okra.

We have put up enough this year that we will get to eat it often thru the winter and into spring.


Niitaka pear. It glistened in the sun. The biggest so far.


Apple time…


Just fried up another big skillet full… Mmmm.