Combatting brown rot


Nimbleweed. Its forming patches in my lawn and it just laughes at 2-4/D. Aside from roundup there are no other options.


That’s a hard one to take out, fersure


Yeah. This is the first time in 5 years I didn’t use a pre-emergent on my lawn this spring. I just never got around to it and didn’t realize how much it actually helps. This summer Im getting a lot of nasties. The I can love with some of it but the Nimbleweed really makes the lawn look trashy. It creates splotchy areas that are a different color of green and it grows at a different pace than my turf type fescue.


Got Indar from a trusted member here. It was a perfect timing for me.

You don’t need Indar. Bonide Infuse has the same ingredients as Monterey Fungi Fighter.


Right now, the enemy # 1 for my lawn is creeping Charlie. It is so aggressive and die hard. I underestimated it. It is everywhere on my lawn now.


I actually have Monterey Fungi Fighter still. The question was out of curiosity only)


I moved some container nectarines into the garage as a heavy tstorm moves through… i’ll beat the rot!


You need to get some tenacity! Its one of the few things that will control Creeping Charlie. Aside from glyphosate.

Tenacity herbicide

I don’t want to hijack the thread but I would like to here the result of Tenacity on yournimbleweed first.

I used to spend quite a few bucks on extra special herbicide. It did not slow creeping Charlie much so I’ve been more cautious since.


Tenacity is a lawn herbicide, right?


Yes. Its for lawns. Its geared more toward grassy weeds and ivy where as 2-4d is good on broadleaves like dandelion and plantain. As mentioned its super expensive per ounce.

I just sprayed my Nimbleweed on Sunday. I used a spreader sticker along with blue marking dye in order to tell where I sprayed. Instructions say it can take 3 weeks to show but the targeted weeds will turn white and die off. A second spot treatment may be necessary. Ill let you know what my results are soon.


I will interested to see your results. I have a bottle of it too, and was planning on putting it down in lieu of Barricade etc as a pre-emergent herbicide (it is labeled as such). I was also planning on doing some re-seeding. But I never got to either. If the stars align right, I might get to using it on crabgrass.

Let us know if it causes whitening on your turf-type tall fescue.

Tenacity is a reduced-risk synthetic herbicide. It was formulated after someone noticed that some sort of plant suppressed growth around it.


It is the worst weed!


Ehhh… you guys/girls just need more rabbits. They only eat the bad stuff… I’ll ship you some :wink:

Found 2 donut peaches full of rot after a day of rain … they aren’t even close to being ripe.


I found my first rot of the year … a peach that had some bug damage on it. I didn’t spray that tree in the last round since it was close to harvest and didn’t want to add more Surround to the skin, but clearly that was a mistake!

The peach is Sha Zi Zao Sheng, its only the second time fruiting and its much better this time. The fruits are gargantuan and its super early. The taste is similar to a honey peach, excellent. The honey types are very prone to rot.


Don’t forget to use a good sticker.


I use Turbo, is that a good one?

I put it into the weed killer spray last time


I let @speedster1 uses Tanacity first. If it works, I will consider it for creeping Charlie. I am not even sure. It takes over half of my lawn.

I found my first cluster of Black Gold full of rot. Not sure how it happened as I sprayed Indar right where this cluster was. Rotten year this year, I say.


I’m wondering how much of a threat it would pose to fruit trees


I sprayed CaCl2 today… this winter i’ll just buy a bag of road salt. Seems to dissolve quickly in water. Have no idea if i mixed it strong enough or too strong. Only sprayed a few fruits.