Combatting brown rot


Quite simply, it works and is working well for Nimbleweed. I have no doubt it will work for Charlie but ill let you know soon. Going to try and spray my dads infestation today.

As for the Nimbleweed, its reacted exactly like the literature for Tenacity says. It has turned white and is obviously dying. Its interesting to see the difference between how this product works versus how 4d or glyphosate works. Those typically causingnshriveling and Browning. But at this point there is not much change in the physical shape of the grass. Its literally turning white. The downside is that its even more visible in my yard now but it should allow the other turf to grow in. I’m planning to slit seed around labor day so this should be interesting.


I’ve given up my fight with ground ivy…I just mow my flower beds now.


It is everywhere, half of my lawn and growing, in my flower beds, under trees, etc. So frustrated. Tenacity label says it’s efficacy is reduced on mature plants. Most of my ground ivy/creeping Charlie are mature!!!

I used to buy expensive dicamba spray. Did not work after repeated sprays. Only slow them down a bit and it’s come back with a vengeance. It’s easier to pull them out from flower beds or around the trees but impossible when they weave in among lawn grass.


Same here. And with the increased risk to the fruit trees from the spray, I’m giving up on the dicamba - the GI has just grown immune to it. I sprayed about a week ago, and it didn’t even take on that purple cast that means -something- happened


So skimming through this topic on brown rot I’ve come to the conclusion that I can stop the progress of brown rot by spraying my tree with the herbicide Tenacity.


We tend to be pretty liberal here about toleration of off-topic drift- beats herbicide drift, anyway.


Sorry I veered off topic by mentioning Tenacity.


I know you’re joking but…


Don’t forget - just because crazy people on the internet say something works, doesn’t mean it’s legal.

PS: Wouldn’t it be ironic if it turned out Tenacity did have an effect on brown rot…


Tried Clemson bags…didn’t work. Even worked with the Chinese company that supplies Clemson with their bags. See threads here on on bagging fruit.


Hi mamuang
MFF says: Myclobutanil 2%
Bonide Infuse says: Propiconazole 1.55%
Are these two chemicals similar?


Monterey Fungi Fighter has the same main ingredient as Bonide Infuse, propiconazole 1.55%.

It does not have myclobutanil. Myclo is the main ingredient of Immunox, Eagle, etc.


Yup, I misread. Not sure where I was reading last night. Thanks


They can be used together, tho


Scott are you still using indar to deal with rot? Brown rot took out several of my trees this year.


Yup! I am also alternating with Elevate and sometimes including sulphur. Indar alone should work but both for resistance issues and to better beat it back I am using multiple prongs. I am getting an occasional rotted fruit but they are always ones that had a bug infestation, or were hidden and missed spraying.

Its really nice to finally have this disease under control after wasting a great deal of time with it. You can only have so many things that are serious fights in any year or at least for me I lose momentum. This year its only the deer and curculio that have been serious fights. OFM, squirrels, rot, fireblight, aphids, etc etc are all well under control.


Lucky you! Where do you buy your indar? I’m planning to order lots of supplied this fall.


I think it was from Keystone pest solutions. I then split up parts to several people since the gallon minimum is a lot. I still have about half of it which I expect will last 10+ years.


Interested in selling some?


I’m sure I can search your post history for this but could you tell me how you control OFM and fireblight?


OFM: mating disruption. I am using about double the recommended number or lures (they are designed for 10+ acres, not backyards) and am spreading them over a much wider area than where the trees are.

Fireblight: remove any varieties that are regularly getting bad strikes, and prune openly. For me this has turned a disaster into a minor annoyance.