Common fruit that others like but you don't!


Very good idea. TY for the link as well. That way I know exactly what to order. Neat looking bags.


I will check on this nursery on the reference section. I will contact them and have them send me a catalog. I have ordered a few trees from White Oak Nursery. Same thing, Amish with no website. I have been very happy with their nursery stock. Nicely grafted and the trees scions are thick on the nice rootstocks. A+ in my book. They are very good at contacting you via phone if they have a question or issue with your order.


Schlabach’s is a great place to buy from. I’m lucky to be only 25 minutes away so I have no shipping costs. Or unlucky in that these nice people make spending my money so much easier.


Lucky you indeed. I like them a lot of good reasons besides their reasonable price, their refund policy is excellent.

When my tree from Schlabach died. I called them. They took me at my word. Sent out a new one for free. No question asked.

With Burntridge, my persimmon ($30) order this spring did not bud out and died. I contacted them. They said it’s OK. They would give me a replacement. I’ve picked a jujube ($28) which cost less.

They sent me an invoice with the price of the jujube and the cost of shipping and handling. I told them this is a replacement. Why would I have to pay? They thanked me for my “sharp eyes”. They took off the cost of the tree and I will have to pay $20 for shipping if I want a replacement tree. I really don’t think it’s right.


DEFINITELY, I have to say Papaya. Just awful to me! And here is one certain to bring me lots of gasps…but believe it or not, I don’t really like apples very much unless cooked into something. I know…I’m the only one here who doesn’t love apples, but I just don’t! I don’t hate them or anything, just not a big fan.

Fun thread. I’m as shocked by some answers as everyone else will be to hear someone here doesn’t love apples.


Which kind?


hmmmm…you would go all technical on me! ha. Of course I really don’t know. Just whatever type they have in local grocery stores. Even that may not narrow it down much. The ones I’ve tried have all been green on the outside, and at risk of being extremely repulsive, they honestly taste a little like throw-up to me! (sorry, its the only way I had to explain it!) Now that I think about it, I think you have mentioned to me before that there are lots of types of papayas and I should try others. So I’m probably letting one or two types ruin me. Aside from the awful taste, the ones I’ve had don’t have any sweetness to speak of either.

BTW…in line with the title of this thread, I find it interesting that Bizzare Foods host Andrew Zimmern, who thinks nothing of eating insects, 100 year old eggs (they aren’t really), durian fruit, and countless other awful things, absolutely cannot force himself to eat…walnuts! So I guess we all have strange tastes.


Interesting! I didn’t know people can have such strong reaction to papaya until reading this thread.

While on vacations in Caribbean, I often wonder why people take unriped, sometimes slightly crunchy cantaloupe and honeydew over ripe papaya at breakfast buffet, now I know.:smile::smile:


Just got a Schlabach catalog, it does not offer Harrow Sweet pear this year :frowning: .

It offers Harrow Delight, Seckle, Potomac, Magness, etc.


Kiwano. It’s terrible…No Wait, I don’t think anyone else here likes them either…


pepino, Solanum muricatumi It wont stop me from trying to grow them. I hope a fully ripe off the vine changes my opinion


Ty for the info. I will look for this pear through another nursery.


I found the Harrow Sweet in a catalog I received on Saturday.


I’m with you about not paying for shipping. I paid for it once when I ordered the tree, your tree died, I need a replacement. Some do charge, some don’t charge. Smaller places I sort of understand since shipping costs so much. The larger places I do not understand paying for the shipping fee, again.


Which catalog, please? Others who look for it may want to know.


ACN- Adams County Nursery.


Cummins also has a Harrow Sweet in the 11/16 size.


Your Abbe Fetel has too short a neck. Not that it isn’t that variety, just not the best example of the pear. It was a precursor to the Concorde. Xxxooo :rabbit:


I bought several AF, some had longer, some had shorter necks. All had necks unusually longer than other E pears that I am familiar with.


They are usually very long necked, that is their nature. :stuck_out_tongue: