Common fruit that others like but you don't!


You should try a pear with Beurre in its name, or Comice, or any of a number that are grit free. There are more than Bartlett and Bosc.


Tank you for your suggestions. That my be the answer to try out.


I looked at getting a Comice but read that they are very hard to get fruit from. I did not know about the Beurre variety. I will try to find a Beurre tree to plant. Thank you for the suggestion.


Harrow Sweet, Abate Fetel (aka Abbe Fetel), Potomac, Magness, Concorde, Comice,etc.were what I tried. All were very good Euro pears. So good, when I went back to the store last week, I bought more. Delish.


The one thing you need to be aware is fire blight. Don’t pick a variety that is known to be fire blight susceptible… Fire blight can be regional. I don’t know where you live.


I will try to find these as well. I do not think the Comice would work here in my area. It is such a late ripening pear I am afraid it would not get ripe as it should get. I love the ones I get from Harry and David’s. The Abate Fetel looks like a delicious choice. TY for your suggestions.


@clarkinks is a passionate pear grower. I am tagging him here. He probably could tell you about other varieties and rootstocks.

E.pears are notorious for taking very long time to fruit (8-10 years). Harrow Sweet is an exception. It can fruit in year 2.


I like the sounds like the Harrow Sweet will go to the top of my list now. I will check the availability of that variety. I have space for only about two more trees so I have to make some decent choices. Thank you for your suggestions. Since I normally focus on apples I did not know the E. pears took that long to fruit.


Here are a few:
Beurré Superfin
Doyenne du Comice
Harrow Crisp


Thank you very much! The pear article from "goodfruit. was very interesting. Thank you for that link as well.


I agree with what everyone is saying here. Harrow sweet is a great pear when you have limited space and limited patience. There are many other great pears but Harrow sweet is a great late fall pear choice. You might consider Harrow sweets sister which is Harrow delight as a summer pear so that not all the pears get ripe at once. Harrow sweet is the better of the two pears.


That’s why we graft…yes, you can do it.


I’ll try my luck at grafting next year. I’ve had surgery so I will not be outdoors until after the grafting season is long over. TY for the info.


I have been trying to choose a variety that is not gritty and FB resistant for my area.


Wish you a speedy recovery. Just want to let you know for apples, people here have successfulky grafted them as late as July or Aug. it is not ideal timing but in case you want to practice grafting on your tree at that time.


Thank you for the well wishes. It will be about August/September before I will be released by the doctor. Uggg.
I plan of studying up about grafting and seeing were the scions may be available. I have a Bartlet pear tree that I am not too impressed with the fruit. I may start my grafting mishaps on that tree first. Nothing to lose if they do not take.


An Amish nursery called Schlach Nursery sells Harrow Sweet, Aurora and other E pears. It has no website.

Please check the Reference section here and look up Nursery List. Schlach is listed there. You can call (and leave a message) or write to them for a catalog. It sells all kinds of fruit trees at a reasonanle price. Orders need to be mailed in. I like them. They run good and honest business.


Mike, Buy your rootstock now and buy more then you need. Have someone plant them in 7 Gallon Grow Bags. 7’s are cheaper then 5’s for no particular reason. When your healthy you will have a greater chance for success with well developed starter trees.


Heal quickley!


Thank you very, very much for your well wishes. :slightly_smiling_face: