Counterfeit Felco Pruners


My wife got me the Felco 2 bypass pruner for Christmas. Just got a notification from Amazon that it’s counterfeit and a refund.


Good for Amazon! They do look like they haven’t held up very well, don’t they.

I have Felco nippers, but if I were buying again I’d follow Alan’s advice and get the ARS pruners.

I also have a pair of look-alike pruners -not counterfeits- that almost pass for Felco #2’s but only cost about $20.00, but the edge isn’t as tough. I’m not recommending them but if you’re curious they were ThornX Garden Shears Hand Pruners.


My felco 2 does not have a screw holding the blade. Maybe that’s how folks can tell if they’ve got a counterfeit (along with the poor performance).


i have used coronas for years and theyre durable and hold a edge well.


I have a Corona folding saw and my only complaint is the very plastic handle. But it cuts fast and well and holds an edge, which is a good thing because I’m really bad at sharpening saws.


Yes i’ve been there and done that with softer steel as well. Several of us bought thornx Thornx Pruners because of the price and they are better made than normal cheap pruners. The ARS many of us have found to be worth the money. The steel is very hard!


I was abusing the “Felco” cutting larger diameter frozen limbs. I was horrified that I damaged the blade withing the first day of use. Even the Fiskers pruners were made with better steel. Corona cut well but, I managed to break it pretty fast. I want to try some top of the line pruners. I will order and ARS and try to find a Legit Felco.


Since they are counterfeit i wonder if you could change the blades


It seems to have the bade screw(s) in a different location then the original


the plain coronas are better that the fancier ones. very tough.


I have a “plain” corona. Solidly built but painful to use.


I haven’t even considered using Felco pruners for years. Most prefer these once they’ve tried them. Comfortable in the hands and harder steel.

Best of all, they come in three sizes for a fit for most. This is the mid-size. Search for VS 7 or 9 if your paws are small or large.


There are counterfeits of several brands of pruners on Amazon, so I prefer buying locally. Yet I have bought a much lesser known pruners that I love, from Amazon, I have only used it for pruning for grafting one day, so I have not tested it well yet, yet it works great for the purpose, nice clean easy cuts on thin plum branches. I got it just for when I graft.

“WilFiks Garden Pruning Shears - 8” Heavy Duty ByPass Hand Pruner"


Thanks for the recommendation, I just ordered one…


It’s good to hear Amazon is finally starting to do something about this. First time I heard they gave a refund.

I have Alan’s brand of pruners, they are indeed very good and to me a notch better than Felco. I really like the unlocking mechanism, squeeze a bit and they unlock, no need to look for the little tab.


Another thanks here for Alan. I’m a happy ARS fan since I bought their pruners a year or two ago.


The ARS pruners do look beefy and well made. I ordered a pair.


Yep. Alan gets credit for discovery of the top shelf pruners. They are the best. When we went through the false panic that ARS was discontinuing that line, I bought 5 more pair.

Ended up working out OK. I keep one pair in the tractor, two pair in the truck, a pair in the grafting toolbox, and a couple pair at the house.


Amazon has a really bad counterfeit problem with 3rd-party vendors, good to see they’re addressing it


The company should provide me with a gift pack for my promotion. Many of my customers also use them now.

Bahco once gave me several tools as a gift in exchange for my opinions. Unfortunately I couldn’t give a good review on any of the tools they sent me. Their only product I use is their loppers- their lightest orchard loppers are very good.

Sorry about having misled people about the discontinuing of their line- a salesperson at AM Leonard told me about it, but she was only talking about what they would be carrying. They are probably back to carrying the full line now, but the source I provided here beats all other prices you are likely to find.