Death of Red Delicious: Premium 'Club' Apples Are Taking Over

Here’s something on MSN this morning.


To me, a tree-ripened red delicious is unparalleled… on the other hand, what you get from the supermarket is horse feed…


Here is one, full of sugar and flavor, that I was eating last fall…


I grafted a Hawkeye (original Delicious) and sure hope it’s better then store bought!

Posts like yours are encouraging to me. :slight_smile:


Red Delicious fresh off the tree is my favorite apple.

I agree that the ones from the supermarket are not good though.


A tree ripened red delicious is very good here.


I did the same thing last year. When I was a kid (70s) we had a Red Delicious tree that must have been an older cultivar. The fruit was nowhere near as red as grocery store RDs and they were tasty apples.

I’ve got Hawkeye on my tree, and I think it might bear this year. I’m looking forward to it. I remember when ever store bought RD’s were quite good.

Red delicious was my favorite in my grandfathers orchard. I’ve got one planted a Hawkeye, I hope it’s the same one.

I sometimes hate coming to this site :crazy_face: Every time I read about another great apple I want to graft another scion! I have a few red delicious type trees and everyone is better than store bought. I don’t believe I have a Hawkeye :crazy_face: Here I go thinking again!!!

Is enough ever enough???


Well Bob, I have plenty of scion. :smile:
The source of the Hawkeye I have was Maple Valley Orchard. The tree has yet to fruit. Grafted in 2014, I might get something this year.

@joleneakamama Well… if it just happens to show up at my house!!! Just sayin… :grinning:

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I grafted a Hawkeye to my Frankenapple, but I think it’ll need another year before fruiting

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I went looking for Pacific Rose recently, but a lot of stores told me they couldn’t get it in

What’s the use of restricting them if they can’t put their fruit on the shelves? This isn’t a very well-run takeover

I have a red delicious in my fruit tree collection. I pick the fruits in mid-October (SE WI) while the flesh is white, seeds black but still crispy. No fancy pressure test or brix test for me. If it tastes like grass, I let them hang on the tree longer. If left too long they seem to loose their crispiness but never get the flavor I want.

I put them in cold storage and do not eat until after Thanksgiving. By December they are sweet, crispy and the flesh has turned from white to yellow. Then they live up to their name. Truly Delicious. Just had one yesterday as I am down to just 10 left in my refrigerator and they are still crisp and flavorful.


I remember climbing tree as a 4 year old in my grandpa’s little orchard…and eating some of those Hawkeyes.
Yum, yum. With over a thousand apples easily available, more people should definitely grow some and quit being addicted to the supermarket apples. Bloomberg News broke the story…but it’s making the rounds in the media today. bb


The problem with club apples is that there are about 20 of them either already in the market or in development. At some point, who wants another braeburn, gala, jazz, pink lady, viva, whatever because they are no longer unique enough to trigger retail purchase. More important, will the “unique” flavor justify the price differential.

I’m another that likes a tree ripened red delicious at peak flavor. That doesn’t keep me from trying some of the new apples.

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I like my rd to be frosted before harvest. Brings up the sweetness really well.


The store bought red delicious does need put down. There are few that will miss that tasteless cardboard fake apple. The red delicious grown here is a perfect tasting apple! Let’s hope they never do to another apple what the growers and grocery stores did to red delicious via poor growing practices.


I hope so, but the last few times I bought a honeycrisp they were know where like they first were. So I swore off them and predict there next.