Decent Harvest of Goumi

I beat the birds this time! I harvested most of my goumis before plenty of birds feasted on them! Glad that the pomegranate blooms confused the birds!

Could also be due to the fact that my cherries, Mulberries and Blueberries are ripening.

This is my first significant harvest. Only if I can get 39 lbs more then I can have a batchof wine! Will have to be content to eat a bowl for now!


Here are the pomegranate buds next to goumi.


what do these taste like?

puckering slime that is sweet with a little tartness. I love it! Reminded me of the tropical fruit called Santol (Sandoricum koetjape) that is mixed with duhat (Java plum, Jambolan, Syzygium cumini)


what cultivar are you growing? i have red gem and another named cultivar that i don’t remember the name. birds dont touch mine. got a good harvest off my 2 bushes last year. made jam and fruit leather with mine. only fruit the birds like to peck is my lowbush blueberries.

I lost the tag on my mine. I bought it from Raintree Nursery.

Dang rabbits cut mine down during the winter, so I’ll have to wait another year to try mine. They sound tasty.

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Sweet Scarlet

Raintree Seedling

Raintree Seedling on the left Sweet Scarlet on the right