Determine Rootstock vs Graft Growth on Persimmon

I have a Gwang Yang Persimmon that was planted late last fall. Unfortunately I did not realize to note not to prune the tree before shipping, and I believe that because it was cut back so late in the year, prior to dormancy, much of its energy was lost, thus resulting in very late, low growth this spring / Summer.

I initially believed the tree to be dead, but it eventually put out several new growths very close to the graft line ( Currently 1-2’ in height)

All new growth originates very close to the graft line, making it hard for me determine if it is root stock, or graft growth.

I want to cut all but 1 next spring to re-establish the trunk. Is there a way to determine this, based on the leaves?

I noticed two leaves looks to have a double lobe / curve / notch in it. There is one on 2 of the 3 new growths.


Please post some photos. It is not difficult to tell from looking at the photos of the leaves.

Ive uploaded some images

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It looks like graft growth and not rootstock.
Others, feel free to chime in.


I agree with Ramv.
To me all those leafs look to be kaki
Not rootstock


I agree with @Hillbillyhort, all the leaves in your pictures look like D. kaki. So unless the rootstock is also kaki, I think you can safely assume your scion survived. This can easily be confirmed whenever you get suckering from below the graft - then you can compare the leaves from the rootstock with those on whatever branch you choose as your new leader.