Early Redhaven - Finally!

Finally picked my first peaches of the year here in Spokane. It is a small 3rd leaf tree, but I am very pleased with it so far. No split pits either. Not sure why though. I see already that some of the fruit on my Redhaven tree have split pits…
Anyway, it’s nice to get some peaches fin



Thats great. They look perfect. Really hoping my Redhaven sets a crop next year. Its old enough but this year a late frost got all my peach and nectarine flowers :frowning:

That’s a real bummer. You put all that work into it and one event wipes you out for an entire year…

it stinks. The largest peach orchard on our side of the state estimated that they lost 90% of their crop too. They said Cresthaven did the best so i plan to add that one soon.

Nice size for a tree so young

Beauties! Am jealous as can be. Over on the west side here my peaches are barely hanging on due to the peach leaf curl. I doubt they’ll ever produce anything so lovely. Gimme some of dat peachy goodness!!!

Those look perfect! Not bad for a 3rd yr tree. My peach tree will be 3rd yr from seed next yr. I’m expecting something like yours🙂
It is at 5 ft high now. This year it grew like crazy, 3ft of growth this year I think. Can’t wait to see what it will do next year.

Leaf curl is really tough on the West side. Lots of copper spray Fall and again prior to bud swell in Spring.

Hopefully a really nice crop next year Susu!

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I know this thread’s a little old, but I thought I’d catch up a little on the forum reading.

I had heard OK had a lot of crop loss on the peaches. AR was hit hard as was southeast MO. Bad deal.

It’s interesting, did well for you guys in OK. Cresthaven rarely does well here. It always produces big peaches, but I attribute that to it’s consistent light fruit set. I actually have Cresthaven slated for eventual removal.

As is oft repeated, all fruit growing is local, so it sounds like it might do well in your area.

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Nice looking peaches. Third greening fruit looks great. Nice sized fruit.

Thanks Mike!

Thanks for the reply. Cresthaven was the only one they had that produced enough to be able to sell after the April freeze. I wonder if it blooms later? I’ve been trying to mimic what they have at my place figuring if theirs have done well for 50 or so years then I should have similar luck