Editing profile?

Sorry, but how in the world exactly do I change my profile description? I can’t find any editing options.


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Hi Rob,
Click on your avatar twice, it will bring you to your Profile page
On the tool bar, click on Preference, which is the one on the far right
It will show another drop down tool bar on the left side
Click on. Profile
Then you can make changes in your profile
Then, click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
That’s it.

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So clicked on my avatar and here’s all I see…

Tap on the picture of the avatar one more time.

I think @mamuang meant the avatar image in the top right of the page:
and then clicking the person icon:
Then clicking the preferences link.

But theoretically this link would take you right there: https://growingfruit.org/u/rsivulka/preferences/account
Note: this link only takes @rsivulka to the preferences page, for the rest of us it takes us to their profile.


I meant the avatar of your post. When you post or response to a post, there is an avatar on the left corner of the post/response window.

Click on it twice, it will get you to your profile page. Then, you will choose Preference and then Profile to make changes.


Thanks! Confusing, but I finally got it!

Thanks! Confusing, but I got it.

I am good at confusing people when trying to describe something :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I wanted to do this, too, but change my user name so it would include my state abbreviation/zone. I would LOVE if we had this option, so many posts I read and have no idea what fruit people are talking about or why they are using certain practices until I dig and figure out they’re in a much warmer climate than mine, or even on the other side of Earth! It won’t let me change my user name, only the photo and other details.

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Anyone clicking your user name or photo next to one of your posts will be shown a popup which includes your name, location, and zone (among other things). Seems to suffice, so long as folks take the time to complete their profiles. Not everyone does.


I have to look this up every time.

There are a couple of places where you can look at your summary but only one where you can edit it. But it looks by the green color that the editing field is locked and that one should edit in the white field but it’s the reverse.