Experience with Red Fleshed Apples

Beautiful apples! Maybe my Odysso will bloom next year. My Era fruited on its second leaf and Calypso fruited on its first leaf, so I can hope.

I think Odysso was marketed as the sweetest Redlove, which I would like. Sometimes I like a tart apple, but not so tart you can’t taste “apple”. I often like the sweet apples.

On a different note, my Grenadine fruited for the first time this year. Wowza, very sour! I’m leaving some on the tree to see if they become less sour. They had some scab. The skin does not have the red trait, but you can see some of it through the green, similar to Airlie Red Flesh. The scab is also similar to Airlie Red Flesh.

This last one was a home taste test, Beni Shogun Fuji vs. Grenadine. The Beni Shogun was vary sweet and almost no tartness. The Grenadine was very tart. I might have detected some “Red Hawaiian Punch” flavor, I’m not sure.



Bytheway, I lost the Bellflower graft to rootrot from too much water this summer.
(From rain, not from a hose…containerized trees.)

NuttingBumpus, late freezes got all the apples, and one tree that set a half dozen they dropped in June. All I got much of this year was blueberries.

This was the worst year for codling moth tunneling ever.

Maybe half the Winekist had worms despite being covered by orchard sox - not soon enough to protect 'em all, apparently. 63 total @ about 7 1/2 lb. 11 & 12 Brix. I baked a pie with some, mixed with a Cripp’s Pink apple or two; made garnet red sauce with the rest. Froze that.

Redfield lives in a front yard across the street. It had CM first time this year & a squirrel discovered it. Took 'em all before full ripeness; my wife observed this action. Had I known…what to do about that squirrel?
(Excellent season for thornless raspberries. Saffron crocuses began blooming the 9th, about two weeks earlier than average bloom onset 10 years ago. Time to cut some more styles & dry 'em on a saucer.)

Oh, I got a taste of Almata first time a few weeks back, grown 50 miles NW of here. Gorgeous color, much more rounded than Winekist at roughly the same size, tasty & much sweeter than expected. In this region I think Almata could gain a following for eating in hand, provided people can accept eating a smaller fruit.


Hi, I am very interested in that picture . . . I live in Fla, however my parents moved to the mountains in GA recently, and I got them 2 apple trees, one was Ananas Reinette (which has since died) and the other was Rubaiyat (which still lives yay). I want to get them 2 more trees that will be good pollinators and taste good and easy to grow (and not too big, but mid-large is fine). I also wanted something unique - not the current common store varieties so I was very interested in finding red fleshed apples however if they’re hybrids that’s good too (your pic above looks awesome). If I may ask what time of year does Rubaiyat blossom and what would be some good varieties to pollinate with it? (I bet there’s hundreds however) any suggestions from you at all (or others) is much appreciated, it’d be way better than my guesses?

I want to get one Rosette apple tree too…


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That’s on my radar as well, @Luisport.

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I think i will get it… :grin:

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I just got one Rosette apple tree… gorgeous!


Rubaiyat. Tasted has improved after I let them hang til this late. Through at least two hard frost.



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I described it here, in the Picture category.


I have:
Baya Marisa
Redlove Odysso
Hidden Rose
Pink Pearl
Bloody Ploughman
Pink Princess
Purple Passion


I had the same experience this season. My little Rubaiyat tree has been fruiting for several years, but despite the fact that I picked them late, they never developed much sugar. They also seemed a bit dry-fleshed, especially compared to their cousin Christmas Pink. I just picked this year’s crop, though, and they’re excellent - breaking, juicy, and sweet. The flavor is closer to cherry than the usual raspberry.

While I’ve picked them later than this before, we’ve already had a few good frosts this season, and that may indeed have made the difference.

That little tree just obtained tenure in my crowded orchard.


I picked the last few this past Tues before 21F. Prior to that, they went through 25-30 F several times. I could have left them on a few more days but I did not trust squirrels. Rubaiyat was grafted on the top of my Honey Crisp tree. The graft wen straight up to the sky.

I could only bag a few lower ones. The rest were too high up even from the top of a ladder. Well, as expected every single unbagged Rubaiyat was damaged by all kinds of insects.

I did have several that dropped early due to internal damage by bugs. Those drop in mid to late Oct and definitely tart. These late ones tasted more palatable.

I planted out my Otterson on Antonovka. Then the deer ate all the leaves…in August. So, I hope it leaves out and thrives in 2021

Who has experience with “Pink Delight” and could talk about it? Also ‘Red Giant Crab’ from Maple Valley in Wisconsin?

Just wondering how your breeding was progressing on the red fleshed apples.

My first ones the seeds sprouted in the 'fridge before I was ready and I lost my first crosses.

But, I’ll try again next year.

New red flesh Surprize apple tree… :grin:


I just got and planted some more red flesh apple trees… :grin:

Hidden Rose
Purple Passion
Pink Princess
Pink pearl

Purple Passion apple:

APPLE Purple Passion – Green Barn Farm (greenbarnnursery.ca)



I just got a rare Scottish variety of red flesh apple, one Bloody Ploughman apple tree…

Apple ‘Bloody Ploughman’

This is an old variety from Carse of Gowrie where a ploughman was shot by a gamekeeper for stealing apples and this apple arose from one of the pips. It is a very distinctive red and ribbed apple. The flesh is stained pink when very ripe and has a crisp and juicy, light taste. It’s season of use is from September to November. Flowering Group 2.