Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


I just got a rare Scottish variety of red flesh apple, one Bloody Ploughman apple tree…

Apple ‘Bloody Ploughman’

This is an old variety from Carse of Gowrie where a ploughman was shot by a gamekeeper for stealing apples and this apple arose from one of the pips. It is a very distinctive red and ribbed apple. The flesh is stained pink when very ripe and has a crisp and juicy, light taste. It’s season of use is from September to November. Flowering Group 2.



I always thought the story and name was interesting. I did not know it was a red fleshed apple though. Makes it even more interesting name to apple story. Not to sound gory. Just the name and seeing it red inside. Thanks for the photos.
The pics make me want to grow one now.


Thanks :+1:


There is also a Red Calville Blanc d’Hiver.


Yes there are, but don’t have red flesh… :grin:

This one is a very ribbed big red flesh apple…


I was just thinking that this looked like Calville. Now I find that there is a red variation of it for real! Now I guess I have 2 more apples added to my list of wants :man_facepalming: :rofl:


This variety don’t have nothing to do with calville, just on look… :blush:


Calville rouge d’automne looks very similar. I can have red streaks under the skin and in the flesh.


Bloody Ploughman apple is a scottish variety not french. And this one is a table apple.


Yes of course I’m sure Bloody Ploughman is a distinct variety. It is very similar to Calville rouge d’automne though which has less red colouring. It is also a table variety, ripens in september and doesn’t keep well. It has quite a “flowery” aroma, I have a small branch grafted on a tree.
Maybe it is somehow related, only genetic testing could tell