Experience with Red Fleshed Apples

And this other one


Headed into growing season #3

I snipped the top off this spring and grafted it in 3 or 4 places, don’t want to lose it. Finally put it in a more permanent spot so hopefully we can start sizing it up and start getting some fruit.


what cultivar is it? love the leaf color. i have a purple leafed chokecherry on my property that gets that dark as well but new growth is green then turns purple in mid july…

A seedling I started 3 years ago. Has great foliage color throughout the growing season. Hoping the fruit turns out red fleshed and interesting but we shall see.


These seedlings are interesting. These are all Lucy glow seedlings. Seeds were acquired from the same retail grocery store about 2 weeks apart. The first round I forced inside. The second round, still crowded in one pot, I sowed outside and waited for spring sprouting. Anyway, I am surprised how the later seeds all appear green leafed and green stemmed. The earlier batch has 2 red leafed and red stemmed seedlings, and lots of in between colors. I would have expected a more similar “mix” from both batches of seeds.