Figs 2022

Could it have been Mission sold as Black Jack?

Good question. I do believe it’s Black Jack, given it’s dwarf growing habit and fruits that I compared from local gardeners. Here are some examples


Preto, very good fig.


Couple good ones today


What variety are those?

I like the looks of the pancake ones! Awesome figs by the way! Congrats!

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RDB and bourjasotte gris.


That’s an odd looking RdB. Not as spherical or as dark skinned as the ones I get.

It was dropping down pretty hard when I picked it, probably got stretched a bit. Most of mine are pretty small and round. Color is pretty consistent in my growing conditions.


Cdd blanc, these seem to have a bit of a weak anchor to the tree once they start ripening. At least mine keep falling off before 100% ripe. This one was pretty good, not as good as other figs I have been eating. More like a fruit leather taste than berry flavor. Also a pic of some labritja figs that are getting close.


Labritja fig, very nice. Good size and good berry flavor.


Most say Black Jack is the dwarf version of Brown Turkey. So they have the same flavor. This verifies it too.

To be a dwarf Brown Turkey it would have to be a sport of B.T. which can be determined by comparing viable SSR sequences. I look forward to sequencing them after a new set of markers has been determined:

Black Jack and Brown Turkey have been stated many times. @californicus just verified again.

Sure, will be happy to hear the genetic testing results. I do not understand what those SSR means. Too scientific to me.

There is an explanation in the Introduction of this article: Re-evaluation of NCGR Davis Ficus carica and palmata SSR profiles

Here is Condit’s description of Brown Turkey.

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I had a Brown Turkey for one season before I pulled it out. I did taste the fruit and it was definitely different than Black Jack but it is close with figgy flavor. I agree with the description above on two counts

  1. Breba has interesting colors but not worth eating. Actually, I haven’t found a breba on any fig that’s worth eating. I hear dessert king brebas are good. I grafted it last year but no fruits yet

  2. The main crop quality is fair. Less sweet than Black Jack but has a slightly more complex flavor with caramel notes. I can see why it has commercial potential

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In my opinion, due to parentage of D’or (Archipel).

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First I258 in a while. This might be my favorite fig. It’s always so good!


I tend to agree with you, but I have not tried Black Madeira, Preto and CC, so might be that those are better. Any plans to put it in ground (inside the GH) so that you get a good crop?

I have thought about putting it in ground, but I get quite a few figs as is, just the watering is a pain in the butt when they are in pots. I like Preto a lot as well, but that plant definitely takes longer to ripen figs. Here a pic of the I258 today, I trimmed it about 2 months ago and new growth is really shooting out now.