Figs, figs, everywhere!


The bark is white but the picture is also over-exposed.


I learned that tipping bit this past season 2018. I can say in the climate I grew them, they had to be pinched three times last year before I saw any figs. They ended up showing in early Sept and by early Dec the tree had started into dormancy so figs never ripened.

This year I pinched two tips and left the rest. I now see signs of figs on all the branches.
The only banana I have in the ground right now. It’s a plant from last year I over wintered when the extreme cold hit in Jan (Raja Puri or D. Orinoco)


I only have one banana, my first ever, and it’s Raga Puri…!!


Yeah but i dont wanna restart like that.

I got enough money and bought large fig trees online so i wont have to wait.

Yeah, i really should …
I was not myself that day.
It can only get better from now on.


A whole lotta doubles going on…

Peter’s Honey


One of the other synonyms for Kadota is Binello which means twins.




Looking good Drew! Let me know if you need to rehome some of them!


Do you know of any genetic analysis showing all three are synonyms?




Sometimes I get conjoined twins


Are you aware of any genetic surveys that show they are not :wink:


I’ve had some triplets before, the sad thing is the conjoined ones don’t always ripen at the same time.


Tony, there are apparently some really good recipes that use unripe green figs. I’m luck that most of mine have enough time to ripen before the season is over, so I haven’t had the opportunity to try one of the recipes, but they did look good.


Actually I was hoping you did. Oh well, I have all three in the repository here and will find out soon enough.


There is always the chance of mislabeled plants, maybe a third of the varieties I got from collectors/sellers were not true to type. Very bad odds, of course some sources that took the time to confirm what they had synced with the original source were 100% reliable.


Really nice Figs Tony! And great varieties!!!


Round 2!


Some new to me varieties are forming fruit so I should get a sample this year.

Tuscan Black is forming a lot of fruit and growing very short internodes. I wish it would grow more and fruit less so I can share cuttings.

Noire de Barbentane that I kept in too small a pot for too long. It got an upgrade this year and is rewarding me for the extra love.

Sweet Joy obtained from Trees of Joy last year. This one seems very vigorous.

This Preto is finally starting to grow for me. I’ve had it for 4 years and it only grew inches in that time until late last year when it decided to start performing.


Here is the first fig to ripen this year, an I-258 breba. They sure are big. I was inpatient and picked it too soon. It could have used another day or 2 but the ants were starting to show interest. It still tasted good and syrup was starting to pool in the cavity.