Figs, figs, everywhere!


Figs are coming along…


Those figs look great!
There is still 4 months of good growing season left and this BT fig is hitting the roof at 7.5-8 feet. After the first crop is harvested can I heavily prune it back? The second crop is starting!! I would like to bring it down to 4 or 5 feet even. possible?


Guernsey figs. I don’t know if I spell the name right. We got them from Armstrong Garden Center a long time ago. We try to pick before the ants get to them. Can be like honey when very ripe so we prefer them a little unripe, otherwise no one can finish even one at a time.


Referred to as “Garnsey White Seedless” in the U.S.


Thank you. I knew you could help me get it right. :slightly_smiling_face:
Is it common to have two types of figs on one tree? We have a Janice Seedless fig in pot next to these two trees. All three of them have random figs with either white or strawberry color inside when ripe. The strawberry ones on the Janice Seedless taste much better than the white on the same tree. We also have a Panache Tiger and a Black Mission in the front yard, but they only have one kind of fruit.


These two types on one tree … are one kind growing out from last year’s hardened wood and the other kind from new growth this year?


I will take a closer look tomorrow. Before I was thinking the white and dry ones from the Garnsey were from the smaller branches at the bottom.This year they are all mixed up on the trees, but I can tell by just looking at them. On the Janice I don’t know until I cut them open. I trimmed the Garnsey quite a bit after winter because they are inside the ten foot high enclosure, but all the new branches up there have the big fruit type.


I have grown Janice Seedless Kadota at two different properties. I believe the two types you’ve described are breba and main crops. They can vary quite a bit from each other. Not all fig cultivars have both.



They are on the trees at the same time so I thought somehow they were hybrid like the pluots or plums. The Janice had no good fruit until I dug it up and put in a twenty gallon pot next to these two but outside the enclosure. It happened less often but sometimes I even noticed they had more purple inside when the Panache ripen. It will be very interesting to see what happens when all of your fig trees have fruits.


The J.S.K. originated as a volunteer at the Janice nursery in Oceanside CA. It is a vigorous plant, adding about 2" of caliper per year in-ground. I think the 20 gallon pot won’t last long.


We already have five fig trees in the ground, and my family and friends can’t consume that much so it is hard to bargain for a bigger container. I read somewhere that fig will do well if watered sufficiently, even when they have root bound, and the Janice is having a lot of fruit now. The figs are really hardy. I have a Brown Turkey on the hill side that I thought the gophers killed a few years ago. Now that the gophers abandon that route, new branches are coming up with fruits.


Sorry. I looked at the trees and still don’t see any orders in which they appear. Thanks for your help, I will keep track of them better next year.
Just a minor thought, seeing how vigorous they grow and fruit, I wonder how soon your micro-repository will be full, given your rigorous care and no die back in winter due to the cold.


Breba is on the old wood and main crop is on this year growth.


The fruits are on the newer part of the branches, which extending at the tip or budding from the old wooden branches after they dropped the leaves in cold season. They would all be the main crop?.We have pavers leaving only about 18 inch square around the few old trunks and most of the new parts hardened already from the heat, so it is hard to tell.


The count is above 400 now, about 2/3 capacity. The limiting factor might be availability.


I meant will the trees outgrow the pots and the space soon? The fig trees in pots at Cal Poly Farm Store grow really fast and big. They have them in five gallon pots.


I expect the repository trees in the 3.2 gal Steuwe treepots with my soil mix to be comfortable for 3 years.


I’ve got two leaves showing variegation on my Bordissot Negra Rimada. I’m really hoping it continues and I can take an airlayer.


Two brebas from the weekend: 5 Terre B and Nalaga.


How did they tasted?

I had my first braba of Violet de Bordeaux yesterday. Nothing memorable, mildly sweet. Hopefully, the main crop will taste a lot better.