Figs, figs, everywhere!


Looks pretty similar.


My Dalmatie has very similar finger-like leaves. I’ll take a picture when I get a chance. Fruit is totally different though from RdB.


Aradhya’s study put Monstreusse in the same genetic clade as VdB:


I have not tried it yet. @ramv has posted rave reviews of it and I added it based off his recommendation.


update on my tree

This years single stem growth. I counted about 12 leaves which runs about 2.5-3 feet.


You need to pinch the tip now to get the main crop to develop and let the tip grow the next five leaves and pinch it again. Stop pinching in late July because any figs forming after August may not be ripen in time before Winter.



I don’t think so. His plants are doing fine. That advice is a rumor among indoor growers with insufficient light.


I pinched all my 110 fig trees twice this year already at the fifth leaf and they a loaded with the main crops now. I have done it since I started growing figs 10 years ago.




I never pinch my figs in 18 years of growing them and have the same results.


I did several experiment in the past. The results were the sooner I pinched them the faster the formation of the main crops in the potted environment. I am in Z5 and my growing season is short so the sooner the main crops developed the better the harvest in September to October. Without pinching them, I had to waste so many green figs in November when Winter comes. You are lucky to have a longer growing season in the West coast.


I don’t pinch either. I get plenty of fruit in zone 5 in potted culture. Only the known late fruiting types have figs left. I never saw a need to do it, but I may try it on the late ripening types.


I think that checking the length of the growing season is a good idea before giving out the pinching advice. Matt’s environment is enhanced – he’s growing bananas too!


This has to be to the worst day for me yet.

Some **** has driven with his hay rake through my property and completely destroyed all my figs and messed up the ground. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Boy, i was never so furious like today.

Fortunately, i found out where the guy lives and i immediately confronted him.

He didnt „know“ where the property boundaries are and just thought he can enter after finishing the one from the neighbour.

Long story short: He gave in to his mistake and he gave me money for what he has caused and cleaned up all the swathers before fearing a police report.

All the work and now such a setback.

I need a fence as soon as possible … :triumph:


This is what pinching did for my new cuttings from February. It is called main crops in first season .

Craven’s Craving

Moscatel Preto


Black Madeira


That’s a bummer, maybe some will regrow.


It got started by some very wise and successful fig growers who pinched at 10 leaves and then rubbed off all new buds that formed to limit growth and ripen late varieties sooner. The problem is they used an existing term for a more complicated process, and one of them did it at 5 “sets” of leaves, meaning 10 leaves.

Now it is like spotted wing drosophila, I think I was the first person to worry online about swd and figs, because they were devastating raspberries. And now it seems like lots of people confuse African Fig Fly damage for SWD. Can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.


I don’t pinch. Instead I decapitate at waist high in winter.



Sorry to hear that Marvin. Hopefully the root balls will re-sprout for you but it will be a big set back.



Take it easy, you can redo it all over and make it even better this time :slight_smile:


Is the tree painted or is it just reflection?