Figs, figs, everywhere!


I am really excited to try Green Michurinska. I just grafted it last week!


Here’s the Adriatic JH.

I looked up pics you posted last year and only saw syrup in one fig eye?

How many years have you been growing Grosse Montsreuse de Lipari? And how many plants… in ground/containers? Along with the same questions for the other Vertes you’ve tried. And whether they were ripening at the same time in the same conditions. Thanks.


That looks amazing!!


Thanks, yeah hopefully it will take! In 100% DE.
It looks like a good season for me, at least everything is alive. Fig harvest should be decent.


I’ve only got fruit from the Monstreuse one year. The tree was pretty mature when I got it. Atleast 6-7 years old. In a container still.
It ripened maybe about 15-20 figs last year. I believe most had nectar in them.

The SV is in a similar size container though much younger tree. I’d say the conditions were quite similar. I got way more fruit from the SV but they were small. More jammy and no nectar.


When you take outside so many pots, how do you train them to the sun? Will it burn the leaves if not introduced gradually?


They stayed dormant in the shelter and woke up like any outdoor trees.


When did you move them outside? Did they leaf out yet when you moved them out?

This year I moved mine out early at green tip. They have survived near freeze. I moved them back in a garage a couple of time when temp were below 30 F, just in case.


Ah, I was under impression they opened the leaves still in shelter


I move mine out when temps stay above 20-25. Here that is about March 15th . Otherwise they develop green tips too early. This way they adjust to the outside temps and come out of dormancy when it’s time to come out. Zero need for acclimation too.


Good to know that you got your out at a colder temp than mine. How did yours do. Mine did not do anything for weeks and weeks.

They just started growing when we got some sun and it was warmer.


I let mine stay in the garage, until they come out of dormancy
and start to leaf out. That’s way past the threat of any late freeze.
They don’t need any acclimation.


This past week we had sevearl warm, sunny days. My figs started to really grow these paste two weeks after being outdoor since early April. So, getting them out early help them acclimate and avoid sunburn on leaves. Growing is not beneficial until the weather warms up. This is probably true for zone 6 and lower. Any of you in zone 7 or warmer have more sun and heat than us.

My Violet de Bordeaux has the most brebas, 17. Others have about 1-5 brebas.


A variegated fig leave on my CdD Rimada. I’ll keep an eye on this branch to see if it repeats.


My container figs are just 3 or 4 varieties, not really crazy about them, my wife likes them but don’t eat too many either. Some neighbors loves them a lot. I only have, Smith, Negronne, Violette de Solies, Chicago H.



Quality, not quantity.


I wish I was your neighbor! None of my neighbors, let alone anyone on the same block, grow anything edible from what I’ve seen.


Here are my 4 figs that i planted last month.

So far they seem to do well. :slight_smile:


Desert King

Hardy Chicago

Ronde de Bourdeaux

Dalmatie, planted last year.


You sure that last one isn’t a Ronde de Bourdeaux? Looks just like my three. Love that variety.


Well it should be unless the nursery made a mistake. :wink:

They ( also have the variety “Golden Riverside”.

I might buy that one if its in stock next time.