First ripe Shenandoah pawpaw of the season

Tony, what are you doing with all those good looking , bucket full of fruits? My trees are loaded too, around here nobody wants them. I just have way tooooooooo manyyyyyyy.


I freeze them for later use. I peeled the skin and wrapped each one with food wrap to prevent freezer burn. I have been eating pawpaw popsicles all year around.



Just pulp without seeds right?

I freezed the whole peeled fruit so it was not messy from the seeds removal. I just spit out the seeds when eating the somewhat thaw fruit.



Thank you Tony.
I will in ground the Shenandoah in November to replace one NC1 not very good shape. ( I have 3 NC1 total ) and next year will plant one Pennsylvania Golden. Do you have Allegheny?

This is wonderful news! Shenandoah I’ve heard is very flavorful.

Many people describe Shenandoah’s taste as pleasant and mild. That’d be why general population who are not familiar with pawpaw would find it pleasant and even like it.

For the real pawpaw fans, Shenandoah’s taste may not be as “flavorful” as they prefer.


Tony, you have some great looking pawpaws. Your trees must be amazing. Any idea when Potomac ripens? I felt mine and they are all rock hard.

I’ve had somebody ask me where they could buy some. But, I realize they don’t fare well in shipping.

I’ve never tasted pawpaws but I am quite familiar with their tropical cousins - the custard apple, sugar apples and Cherimoyas.

I am really interested in something that tastes like a custard apple or cherimoya. I dont care if it is seedy or small in size. Any varieties to recommend?

Early ripening, big size fruits, production, less seeds, flavorful, offspring of Overleese… sounds very interesting to me.

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Recommendations need to come from people who grow and eat a lot of pawpaws like @tonyOmahaz5 and several other pawpaw enthusiasts on this forum. Not me. I am not remotely qualified :smile:

mamuang is right about Shenandoah. The typical flavors that I taste when eating a pawpaw are really subtle in Shenandoah. To me, they actually tasted more like vanilla pudding than pawpaw. It could be that you confused Shenandoah with Susquehanna, which is a much more strongly flavored variety.

I’ve eaten cherimoyas several times and don’t remember tasting many similarities to pawpaws other than both have complex flavor profiles that are fairly tropical tasting. The best cherimoyas I’ve eaten were the more rich and complexly flavored ones where I could taste things like pineapple and strawberry. The worst cherimoyas were pear-like with little tropical flavor. Susquehanna is more rich and tropical-tasting than the other pawpaws I’ve tried, but I wouldn’t say it tastes much at all like cherimoyas. Allegheny had a very well-mixed blend of different flavors, so in that way they were more complex like a good cherimoya.


Allegheny sound really good, specially it’s early ripening peterson variety. But some time it’s not available at local nurseries. One Green World have some 5 gallons for pick up only. Hopefully Shenandoah performs well here I would remove some Plum trees for Allegheny pawpaw addition.

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You could always try grafting. I’ll have some scionwood next spring and will be looking to swap for good varieties that I don’t have.

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I am not sure because I don’t have Potomac pawpaw. It probably will ripen before Susquehanna at the end of September.

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My neighbor just next to us had some ripe pawpaws last year. He said they’re a wild variety. He gave us a few to sample, they were alright, just tasted like an overripe banana to me, with huge seeds. That was the first time I’ve had a pawpaw.

Guess he didn’t get any this year.


A lot wild pawpaws I’ve tasted are like that. Overripe banana flavor with a little bitterness. That’s the worst type imo. They can be so much better than that, if you find the right tree or are able to try some good named varieties.


This Potomac pawpaw felt soft so I picked it to try. The texture was of an avocado, very buttery, and it had a light sweetness and fragrance. There are still 4 more on the tree so I’ll let the next ones ripen more to see if I like the flavor better that way.


I am enjoying my Shenandoah a lot. Let ne know what you think about a perfect ripened Potomac pawpaw.