Flavor profile of different peach cultivars

Here, I’ve started a new topic for discussing peach cultivars. For the record, I, too, like some acid in my peaches.

Continuing the discussion from Very disappointed in Citation rootstock due to crown gall issue:

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One of my favorites is Indian Free. It is far from perect, but fits my needs fairly well. I tend to process most fruits as I produce so much. Plus I want my fruit year round. Well Indian Free with it’s high acid, decent sugar, and beautiful red antioxidant laced flesh, makes for great scones, crisps, pies, jam etc.

Most years only the outer flesh is red unlike Arctic Glo.

Some years it is more infused throughout.

Makes an excellent jam


@Jose-Albacete why don’t you start telling us about your favorite nectarine & peach varieties here. I am more interested in information based on your growing experience, not based on commercial nursery websites. For example, I am curious to know your top 5-10 white nectarines; what brix do you get with them, and what are their other characteristics? Same with yellow flesh nectarines. By the way, I prefer subacid fruits like you, but I still like acidic ones when balanced with sweetness and good flavor; Arctic Glo nectarine (@Drew51’s favorite piece of fruit) is a great example of that.


So far I like my Contender a little more than my Redhaven. However, my daughter prefers the Redhaven more. I have tried a few others over the years but these two have been the two I have liked no matter where I get them from ( locally orchard grown ).
I do have one Flaming Fury peach tree growing. I will know how that one stacks up possibly this year. It is a newer tree in my orchard and is old enough to get some fruit this year. Then I do get fruit I will report back how it stacks up to the other two.
Good thread to start.