Fruit tree seedlings?

The King Red I bought from Grandpa’s does have red flesh, but there is not much on the internet about its eating qualities or how long it keeps. It sounds like some of the red flesh varieties that are being trialed now have textures or flavors that are not optimal. I am new to red flesh apples other than buying LucyGlo and LucyRose at the store, so I am going by what others have shared.

I chose frostbite for the cross because it is crisp and firm, has an interesting brown sugar type flavor, keeps a long time, is precocious and bears every year, and extremely hardy.

One Green World still has King Red available along with LucyRose, as of today.


I planted my seedlings today. 3 nectaplum and an apple in the back yard. 3 pluots, an apple, and this lovely red nectaplum in the front yard. I fenced the ones in the back because of dogs, but the ones in the front should be ok.

Happy to see my little trees growing so well.


A rather interesting colour development of my Baya Marisa apple seedlings. I have separated about a quarter that have pure green foliage. I have expected the burgundy ones like the mother plant. I have some from 3 years ago that are green with a light pink-yellow blush. But I am really looking to grafting these on a multi-variety tree with the more intense yellows and the reds that pass through pinks and oranges to get to the mature brownish dark greens. Even if the fruit will be mediocre (doubtful) the ornamental appeal will be worth it. :rainbow::deciduous_tree:


Moringa seedlings popping up quick.

And some second leaves on my Phalsa seedlings.


Do slugs not devour your moringa?

I’ve only ever seen one slug on this property, and it was underneath some cardboard mulch. Our ground is pretty lifeless (its basically beach sand without the ocean), so we don’t have alot of slugs and snails roaming around.

Edit: It may also have to do with the fact that my greenhouse (and the rest of the yard) is filled with lizards, and they eat bugs and slugs and stuff.


Same substrate, with slugs haha. Likely it’s just my lot tho, due to all the mulch

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Luc’s Garcinia (jumbo) . Garcinias are so very slow growing :joy:


Does Lucs grow pretty true to seed?

Garcinias are one of those things I’ve never tried (somehow). I don’t think they would make it through the winter in my greenhouse, though.

Nice cameo from some avocado flowers. I’m surprised your avocados aren’t a little further along down there. Is that a later-flowering variety?

I hear they do but there is variability. I am growing some seeds from an orange one as well.

Mangosteen are one of my favorite fruits so I am trying to get as close as possible lol. The Lucs were indoors all winter along with a couple achacha and they did fine. The avocado is a pinkerton. I think this is its 3rd time flowering :man_facepalming:. Same thing happened last year, it flowers early and multiple times leaving it weak looking. Holding 5 fruit now :joy:

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I’ve seen garcinias (generally) on a list of fruit trees that often produce truly clonally/apomictically, but haven’t investigated particular species. Here’s a starting point for anyone wanting to go down that rabbit hole:


This is one of my apple seedlings from last year. When it germinated, I first thought it was a hawthorn. I’ve almost accidentally used it for rootstock this year. Fortunately it was too thin. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed similar irregular seration on another red-leafed seedling from this year’s batch.


There can be quite the variation in leaves even from the same tree’s seeds. I have to think it is because of the many varieties of apple pear and crab apple around me.

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Ended up with 14 seedlings, the largest are about this size now:

I’m hoping to eventually test graft compatibility of various Psidium species on these.


Yes. This must be a mutation or a ene popping up from way back as the nearest true crabapples are at least 2km away. There’s even a hawthorn -leafed apple malus florentina. (Not anywhere around,though.) It is a keeper for the heck of it. :slight_smile:

I had the same question about a pear last year. In the meantime, the leaves have returned to the normal type.

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Interesting and kind of sorry it reverted to normalcy.
This seedling has been this way from the first true leaf. Future will tell. I will try to graft it onto another tree next spring and see how it does.

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This mango seedling is just under two years from seed, finally starting the first flush of the year in my greenhouse (it also spent a couple months in our house this winter):

The seed was monoembryonic (presumably zygotic), from my brother’s tree in south FL. I posted photos when I received the fruit here:

And when I ate it here:

It’s been very slow growing, but so far has suffered less over the winter than most of the other varieties I’ve tried to start seeds from. My brother lives in what was originally a Haitian neighborhood, and the tree is very old, but seems like it was seed grown, so it may not be any named variety.

I’m thinking maybe the parent tree is a zygotic seedling of “Madame Francis,” which is similar shape and color, but usually a smaller fruit with a bit more fiber. If this seedling lives long enough to warrant it, I’ll be grafting it with a scion of the mother tree.


My imbe putting on its first growth ever haha ordered it last fall as a Etsy seedling and assumed it was going to die. But here it is putting out some growth so let’s see haha