Fruit tree seedlings?

Impressive that they can survive that!

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This 2nd year seedling from a highly polyembryonic (I got 8 plants from one seed) TDE mandarin has 4 flowers already, though I assume it won’t hold any fruit. This is a 1 gal pot, I’m debating giving it a large pot but I already have too many citrus trees so I’ll probably be giving it away in the local free plant library instead.

The osage oranges are probably about ready to be separated into their own pots and/or final spots in the ground:

My Lucy Glo apple seedling had a little mildew recently and has been growing very slowly, but seems ok otherwise:


Plum sucker from my in laws unknown plum tree starting to show a little life!

A couple of suckers from an unknown crab apple tree where I work.

A couple of suckers from my in laws golden delicious apple tree.

My end goal is to graft onto these with various other varieties.


Apple seedlings

Future BET pear rootstock


Pawpaw bucket going nuts
And first black sapote shed its seed skin


My first two did this week, too! I just finished separating the ones with the best looking roots into treepots/deepots:

The ones that I cracked the seeds off last month are sad, unhappy things and their roots were less developed, so don’t do that. I planted the ones with the less impressive roots together in one hole in the ground outside, in lieu of composting them immediately, but I don’t expect they will make it.


I just watered and moved around some of my random new seedlings that I’m starting this year, figured I’d post a few photos.

My Eugenia uniflora seedlings range from second set of leaves to barely breaking the soil:

Though they were started much later, repanda is about the same:

The Psidium cattleianum seedlings have been very sluggish with the cool nights, but mostly are about this size now:

The mystery Myrcianthes species from Marcos is coming up:


Looking good! I have started a small collection of Eugenia seeds as well. They look like yours basically so I’ll share this tamarind seedling which I thought was weird.