Fruit tree spray confusion


I ordered some Bonide fruit tree spray from Home Depot and they sent me some captain jacks fruit tree spray. I don’t see this on the web. Is it an old product. Looks like just Neem oil. Anyone use this for anything? It’s not expensive but may return tomorrow

Now they are out of stock so ordered what I wanted from Fruit Tree Spray, Bonide Fruit Tree Spray - Free Shipping

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Bonide has so many products that have similar names starting with Fruit Tree Spray……. Not sure who is the genius behind the naming.

Before you go buy a new Bonide Fruit Tree Spray, hope you read this thread first.


I recently had a thread about the bonide copper, in your experience was that bad too

What insect are you spraying for? What kind of tree?

oh gosh I have a container of this I was given and wasn’t sure what to do with it. would it be good for plums after blossoms drop? or grapes before blossom? or???

My main problem is brown rot on peaches. I was going to use this and infuse.

Fruit tree ‘spray’ is confusing to me too. Buy products that say keep out of the reach of children in BOLD English. Have all the nasty dirty secrets on the back in small print… Spray everything with it… then hand the fruit to your kids.

I dont spray…but if i did i want an honest label. Bayer has my vote.

It kills all the insects… it prevents insects from even wanting near it…and its rainproof. If its rainproof that means that i wont have to second guess if the chemicals i spray will wash off before i eat them. They probably wont. A waterproof poison would be my choice. Less confusion.


I am thinking you are a being a bit sarcastic here? You make some really hilarious and accurate observations. I am still cracking up. You missed one observation. The instructions say “mix and pour at plant base.” The active ingredient is probably Imidacloprid, which is a systemic poison. You are not spraying it on the food, but feeding it to the roots so it can be absorbed into the actual plants and vegetables. That is why it is rainproof. The poison is on the inside of the vegetables. Thus it won’t wash off in the rain. I hope you feel much better now about using it. :slight_smile:


“Mix and pour at plant base”…

Active Ingredient Imidacloprid 0.235%

A neonicotonoid, systemic, the roots uptake it and it spreads throughout the plant. Likely into the blooms and pollen/nectar for honeybees and other beneficials to ingest. :frowning:

So not the type of “waterproof” I’m all that keen on.


Of course…

I wish there was a way to turn off the word ‘spray’ in my FB groups.

Example # 59946873 that i read-

Hey guys i bought a new fruit tree for my family. Please list all the sprays i need to buy and how often i need to spray… and hopefully i can take selfies of my fruit that are blemish free due to all the sprays that im spraying. (i love the ones posted with a quarter for reference).

To each his own… i fully understand that in order to have fruit that is blemish free and a ‘nice’ orchard that alot of people have to ‘spray’. I do understand that almost everything in the grocery store was sprayed… i understand that everything i eat has been sprayed. I just want to limit my exposure on a personal level.

Its 2022 and we have refractometers that measure the sugar content of the fruit we eat. We have meters for everything…smoke, carbon monoxide, pregnancy, drug tests, insulin… Why dont we have a little meter that measures poison in our food?

I miss the old ways when we were honest with each other.



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I’m amused by the people (FB primarilyl) who post “I bought Acme Brand KILLIT spray and ABC Brand BUGZ spray and I still have pests, and the leaves are burned, what should I do?”. And then I go look at the labels for those products and see that they both contain the same active ingredient. :frowning:

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Use the Fruit Tree and Plant Guard product and rotate with your infuse for brown rot. Also has insecticide for PC so don’t spray when flowering. That fruit tree spray is just neem oil. I myself don’t like using neem I prefer an all seasons oil. A lot less likely to burn leaves. Although I only use oil during dormancy.


wish i did. used it and it burnt quite a few of my trees and bushes. luckily the leaves were mouse ear size so the rest of the leaves were ok once fully leafed out.

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