Golden Limbertwig

just going through some nursery websites looking for ripening info and scion sources for Limbertwigs that i do not have and came across this on Burnt Ridge’s site.
is this just something they decided to name?


Wow. Golden Limbertwig is one of the missing Limbertwig varieties (and presumed extinct) from Henry Morton’s old TN collection and catalog. How on earth did Burnt Ridge come up with it? It escaped discovery for many years. We need to learn the story behind this. Good work finding this listing. Well done @thepodpiper! @derekamills did you see this? I just emailed Burnt Ridge Nursery to find out where they found Golden LT. Rev. Morton sent LT scions to various people, so this one must have survived unknown in someone’s collection.


I saw this Golden Limbertwig listed a few weeks ago when I went to their site. I need to order a few things from them and looked that their apple listings. I had wondered the same thing as you did thepodpiper, is this the real variety or did they just happen to rename it that because of the color of the apple?


I cant imagine that this is the real deal. There are too many of us searching for limbertwigs now and it has never come up???. I am hoping to find some answers to this, iwill update if and when i find more info.


Hope you can turn up more info about this apple, Pod. It does make the heart of a Limbertwig addict start to beat faster when an extinct variety is perhaps found. :grin::grin:
I received scion from TOC of a Hillside Limbertwig, but have been unable to find any reference of this variety in Morton’s catalog or Bussey’s volumes. Did find reference of a Hillside apple so perhaps it is a misprint on the part of TOC. Have two of this variety in the orchard planted in the fall of 2018 that are growing nicely so perhaps in a few more years I’ll get a taste.


@greyphase I just checked all my lists of known or once known Limbertwig varieties and see no Hillside Limbertwig. The name does sound vaguely Limber-twiggy as LTs were grown by hill people.

Late edit: OK- now I see where it came from. Steve Kelly, Big Stone Gap, Va, sells scions of “Hillside.” Not Hillside Limbertwig. Steve sent hundreds of his varieties to Nick Botner so that’s likely how Hillside got into TOC’s collection.

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Yes that’s what probably happened. I definitely will not be trading scions under the Hillside Limbertwig name.

I looked up Nicks last or so list he put out and it just has “Hillside” on it, and the TOC list has Hillside Limbertwig but no Hillside … sounds like somewhere in the transfer a “Limbertwig” got tacked on to the name…

Re: Golden LT, I am also somewhat doubtful it is a new one but you never know…

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I’ll email TO C and tell them about this.


Update on “Golden Limbertwig”

I emailed Burnt Ridge Nursery in Washington and got this reply from the owner:

“A customer whom I don’t know sent me some scionwood with a request to propagate it for him. After growing and supplying the trees to him there were a few leftover trees which must have been listed on our website for you to discover. Have never fruited it here and don’t know where he acquired it.”

I asked if he had more information on the customer so I could question him. At the very least this is not a case of a nursery inventing a name for an unknown variety. The chances are improving this might be the real deal. Plus it seems GLT is a good apple, worthy of someone going to the trouble of having it propagated.

@thepodpiper, @greyphase hope one or both of you order this tree. My orchard is full.


I also received that very same email. Did not send a response back but hopefully you will get some info back from him. They must have some record of whom it was that sent it to them. (Hopefully)

Burnt Ridge update: I just got off the phone with Laura and for a 20 dollar tree and 35 dollar shipping it is way more than I want to spend on a tree Im just going to clip for a scion so we are working something out and she is going to get back to me. If I can get them to clip a tree and send it as a scion instead, scion is 4.00 and shipping is only 12.00 and change.

I worked out the same deal with TB last season. I paid 20 for a rose limbertwig stick and it was well worth the money, I now have two Rose Limbertwig trees.

Aren’t addictions fun. (at least this one is)


Well done! Does Laura have any background info?

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No, she said all the info she has is in the email and that when M Dolan does a favor for someone there is usually no record of it. What I don’t like about the whole thing is that she told me that she wrote the return email as if it was him so he doesn’t even know of our inquiry?? I need to talk directly with him to find out more. Of course he wasn’t at his desk when I asked for him.


Seems like they must have kept the customer’s mailing address so they could send him the young grafted trees- unless it was someone local who picked them up at the nursery.


I’m not an expert, but isn’t it a bad idea to sell trees that you’ve never fruited to confirm their identity? Especially when the variety is one that has been lost and Limbertwig hunters haven’t been able to find? I hope it turns out to actually be GL.


Very interesting. :thinking:

Update: “Possible Golden Limbertwig” and “Possible Striped Limbertwig” (both thought extinct) are now preserved at Temperate Orchard Conservncy, Horne Creek Preservation Farm and with two members of GF. Making contact with the tree owners proved daunting. TOC struck out. I struck out.

So I recruited A NAFEX friend of a friend in Alabama to drive a couple hours and “cold call” the tree owners to get cuttings. They resisted but finally cooperated. No written descriptions of either apple exist, according to multiple authorities and extensive searching. Therefore, these two limbertwigs must be labelled “Possibles.”

My Alabama friend plans more detective work to learn the history of the trees and where the names came from. Both names exactly match names of limbertwig varieties missing from Henry Morton’s limbertwig collection. Coincidence? Highly unlikely, in my opinion.

@thepodpiper set all this in motion by posting here about a “Golden Limbertwig” he noticed for sale at Burnt Ridge Nursery. He and I have worked together on this project.


Steve really went the extra mile on this hunt. A job well done Steve.


Thanks Dale!


Here is an update on the (possible)Striped and Golden limbertwigs.

Striped limbertwig

Golden limbertwig

Thanks again to Steve on his pursuit of these possible limbertwigs.