Graft compatibility of cherry and plum

Before I knew better, I cleft grafted an Italian Plum to White Gold Cherry (on top of Gisela5). Cherries are not ideally suited to my area and birds take what little cherry my tree produces.

The graft took off and grew quite well last year. I expected this graft to die off this year but it seems to be sprouting and putting out leaves and maybe a flower bud or two.
When should I expect this to eventually die? Or is there a possibility that this may actually have taken?


I’m no big expert, but I’ve been eyeing the this thread on the issue.

Here is a photo of the graft. Does it look healthy?

I plan to graft another half dozen Euro plums on this cherry tree this weekend. Someone please stop me if you think it is a bad idea.


Looks vigorous to me. Go for it Ramv.



There could be delayed incompatibility, so put those plums on some plum or peach, too, imho. But that’s pretty cool!


Here are photos of the graft union after I removed the rubber band and parafilm.


I top worked the entire tree with 7 additional varieties. In some cases I used Adara/Puente inter-stem. I also grafted on an Adara Plum by itself to see what it will do.

I also added the same varieties to my mature Asian plum tree. Total of 18 grafts now on that tree.

Now keeping fingers crossed!


Hi Ramv. Any updates on this?

Wild! I love it!

Summary— they all produced heavily for a couple of years and then abruptly died!
I suspect late graft incompatibility. Adara is the only scion that is continuing to grow well on both cherry and plum.