Grafting Sweet and Sour Cherries into plums

I grafted black gold ,white gold,and starkrisom sweet cherry on carmine jewel, they all took and grew well. However, my starkrisom seems bloomed but had hard time grew fruits into good size. I am not sure it’s just this year weather caused, or has something to do with rootstock

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I grow sweet & sour cherries on the same tree.



I guess my cherries grew the most powerful bird, squirrel & chipmunk pheromones together with the fruit because in SIX years I harvested, maybe TWO gallons of cherries.

I even grew those gold cherries that are supposed to fool the pests into not realizing that they are ripe(ning). Nahhh!

This year took the cake. I had a couple of Prince Rainier and Stark Gold with Thousands a week away from picking. that was on a Sunday. By Friday, when I came back, NOT A SINGLE ONE.

The real estate in my orchard is too valuable for non-producers so I hired a realtor, Chainsaw Realty, to free up some spots for more rewarding occupants. … I have good smoker wood, at least. :grinning: and :disappointed:



Exactly. Where do you think Duke cherries come from?

Then do you think it would be possible to graft plum onto sour cherry? Sour cherries are extremely hardy.

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Im not sure ive not tried it Compatibility grafting? but it sounds like an interesting experiment. I do know @ILParadiseFarm is interested in this information as well. He is working on this thread Rootstock Graft Compatibility. Black tartarian is compatible as he noted but so are sour cherries such as montmorency which i grow and other sweet cherries.

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Well, nothing ventured nothing gained. I have 3 Juliette that are a nice size and a few extra plum scions.


Adara is a myrobalan plum that is graft compatible with many cherry, peach, nectarine and some apricot and almond cultivars. I grew out a bunch of scion wood last year and this month I grafted many different sweet cherries, a peach and a nectarine to Adara. Mostly used myrobalan seedlings with Adara interstems. One tree is an almond with Adara interstems and sweet cherries on top. I’ll post an update when the outcome is apparent, perhaps later next month.


Im told there are 2 types of myrobalan cherry rootstocks and apparently i have the more compatible of the 2. Its my understanding almonds are very closely related and can be grafted directly. Ive not tried it yet since halls hardy almonds are the only cold hardy almond im aware of.

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There is also Monrepos being used in Spain. Don’t know of anyone who is growing it in the USA.

@clarkinks do you know the name of the cultivar that you are growing?

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No it was sold to me as myrobalan and had black tartarian grafted to it. Well the scion did not make it but the rootstock did so i regrafted it.

I got Mount Morecy scions thinking I could graft them on my Black Tartarian or my Nadia Cherry. Is that a possibility?

I have an abundance of native wild cherry and wild plums on my place and i decided to do some experimenting with them this year. I grafted wild cherry onto plum and got no results at all. I did not try plum on cherry but i did graft peach onto cherry and it looked like its was doing well but died a couple weeks later. I also grafted some peach onto the plum and so far it has been growing like wildfire. I was wondering if there is a sour cherry that i could graft onto the native ones that would produce here in South Alabama zone 8?

Revisiting this post. Does anyone have access to an almond cultivar that might be compatible with other pome fruits? danchappell suggests Adara, but there may be others


I’m curious at to what ‘wild’ cherry is there. Here, it’s pretty common to see ‘cherry plums’ (Prunus cerasifera) in the wild but I suspect they may be escapees from the ornamentals in town, though I think they are native, too, so…
I think there are other native species here…not sure. I’m also 8-B.

Seedy, These are (Prunus serotina) The cherrys are small about the size of a pea. They are fairly tart and have a large seed will very little meat. They also make real good jelly. I believe this species covers most of the eastern US.


Seedy, On the west coast we get Prunus emarginata which can grow into a decent sized tree but with small bitterish fruit

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Sweet Treat Plueery and Nadia are your best bet . To graft onto a cherry. If found you can graft about any stone fruit on them other than European plums.

Yah, I did some looking around and found that name…had never heard of it before. I might be able to find some wild seedlings of it and get them into the woodsy areas around me, then graft to them. I’m basically out of space on my little plot. I gotta admit though that the birds might make my efforts futile.

I have had sour pollinate sweets . The Duke cherries were crosses . Seeds were sterile .