Grafting Tool

I’m not 1 to take the easy way out but was wondering what people’s views were on these cheap grafting tools. There’s nothing like a good W&T graft but this tool def can help save time. Anybody have successful grafts with these and how did they heal? Were they strong after a few years?

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Do a search on “grafting knife” or “grafting tool”. There are many lengthy threads on the subject.

This thread is what you want Zenport/Generic Labled Grafting Tool

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1 guy, 1 single opinion:

I got one of the cheapie grafting tools that sell for around 30 to 50 bucks on Amazon. It has the Omega and a couple other shapes and you’re basically cut matching sections in the scion and rootstock, I assume this is what you’re talking about. I got it at the urging of my wife because I had cut myself a couple times and shit is not a fan of me getting injured.

I don’t like it. It is quick but I feel like I’m getting about 70-80% takes with apples, where i comfortably get 95% otherwise. They take most of the technique out of the equation, so if you’re new and having a horrible time and getting like 50% takes they could be advantageous but they have (or MINE, in MY hands, has) limitations….

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I have an inexpensive one and AM Lenards more expensive model.

The main thing that I like about the inexpensive one is that it is lightweight. The main thing that I like about AM Leos is that it cuts cleaner. Could be that I just need to sharpen the blade and modify the tool as @Barkslip suggested in that thread that @disc4tw posted. :woman_shrugging:

65 dollars Euro or American I’m not sure + shipping. There’s always another guy getting involved:

This came to me via email and old conifer growing friend two-days ago. Says it’s Aluminum whereas the AM Leonard one is cast.

They say they got their own blades, the Turkish model.

I like the cast best. But @FarmGirl-Z6A told me it was heavy and her son could use it better than her some time ago). As she said

The first thing I did when I received mine was getting a rounded file and increasing the clearance for my cuts. It works well for me.

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I’m gonna try a few with the tool and also do it the old fashion way. My question is how well do the grafts heal after being done with the tool.

Those that take seem to heal just fine, presumably the cut and fit were both good and thats why they survived.

Those that fail to take dont heal, they die…presumably because the cuts were not as clean and/or flush so poor contact lead to poor survival