Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


If you are not on the west coast no stone fruits do well without sprays. They might do well for a couple years but the various pests and diseases eventually show up and wreak havoc.

Back on the original topic I ordered some trees! I decided to extend my apricot rows a little bit and got a Tomcot (I already have one but it is almost 20 years old and the borers really slowed it down). Also I am going to try Hachiya persimmon once more. It lasted about 10 years last time before a really cold winter did it in.


Well that’s making it hard to hit the checkout button…



Well I clicked the button. I’m going to trial a few apricots.


The Peggy apricot should be interesting. It was discovered just West of my location. I know Moorpark can be found locally eventually, so I removed the Chinese Mormon. There’s an amazing orchard of peaches just down the road, so I can live without growing those, but apricots are in short supply. Ham Orchard is the name. Great ice cream! If you’re ever nearby during season it’s worth a stop.

I guess by fall/winter I’ll no longer be no spray, but apricots are something I’ve been wanting. We will see how minimal I can keep it until problems arise. Lots of great info on @scottfsmith’s thread on low impact spraying. Great write up!


I made my final decisions and ordered today (whew!). Besides the strawberries that I had already ordered from E&R seed (listed above) I also bought:

(3) cuttings each of the following varieties elderberries from a vendor at a large organic farming conference that I attended last weekend:


4 paw paws from Indiana Berry:

And I decided to buy my root stock from Cummins Nursery instead of Raintree because 1. Cummins is much closer to me and 2. They have a better reputation on Dave’sGarden Watchdog. I got:

(15) OHxF 87
(15) OHxF 97

Finally, I decided that since we had already planted (80) Tundra and (80) Aurora honeyberries last year and the variety that I really wanted the most (Beast) was out of stock from the company that I wanted to buy it from (Jung), that I would not order any more honeyberries at this time. I will check back periodically within the next couple of months and if it becomes available, I will probably place an order for it and the other honeyberries. :slight_smile:


I forgot to add that I also recently ordered (and received) these seeds from Baker Creek:

Goji Berry (black)
Naranjilla (orange)
Orangeglo Watermelon
Yamato Cream Watermelon
Charentais Melon
Tigger (Asian) Melon


You’ve already found all the sources of BEAST honeyberry I know of. Lovehoneyberry will do pre-orders for later, and at commercial prices if you’re looking for dozens or hundreds of plants.

HaskpCentral in Saskatchewan…but I don’t know if they make service available to the US.


Might possibly pickup a second Carmine Jewel cherry seedling, but other than that I’m mainly focused on growing the following from seed this year.

Antonovka Apple
Ranetka Apple
Sargent’s Crab Apple
Siberian Crab Apple
American Plum
Hardy Kiwi
Sea Berry
American Hazelnut
American Persimmon
Shagbark Hickory
Dunstan Chestnut


Just placed an order with Fruitwood Nursery for scionwood, cuttings, and rooted cutting plugs. I got:

Talyor, Taytwo, and Wilson Paw Paw scionwood

(Hardy Kiwi) 74/49, Ananasnaya, Chang Bai Mountain, Cordifolia, Dumbarton Oaks, Hardy Red, Issai, Jumbo, Kens Red, MSU, Red Princess, Rossana, and 2 Male Hardy Kiwi pollinators rooted cuttings

Ya Li, Raja, Seuri, Hosui, Shinko, Tennesui, and Tsu Asian Pear scionwood

Big White, Illinois Everbearing, and Pakistan Mulberry cuttings

Golden weeping Willow rooted cutting

Enterprise and Akane Apple Scionwood

Flavor Queen, Flavor King, and Flavor Supreme Pluot Scionwood

Puget Gold, Tomcat Apricot Scionwood

New Zealand Black, Suncrest, and Q18 Peach Scionwood

Snow Queen Nectarine Scionwood

And I ordered 5 Paw Paw seedlings (for rootstock) from my local Soil and Water Conservation


“Uh oh . . . she said to herself. Did you really buy 2 more trees today??? Really?
You just couldn’t resist that Anjou and Bartlett. Gorgeous Perfectly formed. Good price. (40% off at Southern States . . . and you didn’t even know it, when you walked in, to buy 10-10-10.) Serendipity.
It really wasn’t your fault.
They were screaming to go home in your Buick. Honest.
But, Karen . . . . NO MORE TREES??? OR ELSE!!!” :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:


I have a dwarf (Gerardi?) mulberry and an Indian Free peach.

I’m hoping to spend this year putting raised edges on my berry bed, making a watering system for my pots, and setting up a collapseable fruit cage.


Lol we are twins :rofl:


Farmgirl, what are the recommended zones for honeyberries?


Zones 2-8 from what I understand, but they are a little more difficult to grow the warmer the zone. I have read people saying that theirs in zones 7 and 8 don’t fruit well.


Could you give a few quick words about honey Berries and why you like them?


@Reg I knew it !!! :rofl::rofl:


Ones I planted in 2012 are all still alive in Lexington KY area. I bought them off a lady in Knoxville, TN who was singing their praises on the internet back then. I have some in containers that defoliate in hot dry conditions, but they come back. Borealis is the only one of the newer ones I have…but I have 2 beast and something else on order.

In another decade they might be nearly up there with blueberries and strawberries…who knows? They are the fastest growing fruit crop from what I understand in the USA and in Canada.


Others will have to chime in here, because while I believe I have a variety on the property that fruited last year (and this disclosure is a tad embarrassing), I forgot to go back and harvest them. :grimacing: I have not actually tasted them personally. The reason that we planted so many (+160) is because of their nutritional benefits, in addition to their pest and disease resistance. We also already have a few interested customers, a local small juice company and possibly a local wine maker. They are being promoted as the next super food. I sure hope they are right! :slight_smile:


Quebec has thousands of hectares planted and planning to put in thousands more. its big business there. funny thing is blueberries are just as easily grown there but i guess its because honey berries are even more cold hardy and require less prunning.


We are looking at buying more land in the near future. If this test run goes well for us, we want to plant a lot more. Blueberries do not grow well in our area. The soil has to be amended for them to thrive.


I’m planning on doing the same. want to do honey berries and U of Sask. sour cherries.