Hirt's Gardens? (EDIT: Updated w/photos of my order)

Anyone familiar with these guys? I’ve never seen them mentioned here. They are a big company and sell to places like amazon and the new on-line walmart site Jet.com (where you get free shipping for orders over $35 and discounts for things like using a debit card and opting out of the free mail-return option). THe fact that they are large enough to supply big retailers makes me a little nervous for some reason. They have mixed ratings results on Dave’s Garden (google "what is the scoop on Hirts) but more good than bad and many of the bad reviews are just rediculous stuff- one guy was mad because when his seeds arrived they had a price tag that was less than what he paid…even though he was fine with his price until he saw the envelope. 8 positive to 6 neg for the past year.

I guess those of you who don’t like big box store trees probably won’t like Hirts for the same reasons, and I get that. They also don’t have a very large variety of most trees- they really just sell things like Figs, grapes, strawberries, kiwis, etc.
They promote themselves as specializing in “hard to find” varieties. I’m not sure that’s true, but I will say that they have a pretty extensive variety of those things they do carry (figs especially).

Anyway, their large size even makes me a little nervous, but if you haven’t checked them out, I thought you all might at least enjoy seeing what they have. Here they are:


I haven’t had a problem with them. I’ve ordered houseplants, figs & honeyberries from them. The figs & honeyberries are tissue cultured. The honeyberries I believe are in my opinion the best place to get them on the web. Super cheap and well rooted Maxie & Solo plants I received.

I ordered a Cherry of the Rio Grande and a Pitomba last fall. They were as advertise and both survived, I would order from them again. Both plants were a good size and healthy. Of course they were roughed up a little, being in pots and shipped but nothing that would not have been expected.

Sounds like at least some of us knew about them, have used them, and even had good experiences. The prices seem very good and the variety - on those fruits they DO carry - seems pretty extensive. Maybe they should be added to the master list of vendors on here.

By the way, I talked to someone over the weekend who was all excited to tell me that had ordered some fruit trees. When I asked where from, they proudly replied “this place I found online called Ty Ty Nursery” . I could have cried! :frowning:

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I wonder what this is: https://hirts.com/dunbars-plum-prunus-x-dunbari-4-pot/

Interesting. Beats me- never seen those. I will say I’m usually a little dubious when a description says “great for making jam/jelly” I feel like that is usually code for “these things are barely edible unless you add massive amounts of sugar and cook the heck out of them!”


Maybe it’s a beach plum type thing?

Yes, it is very similar, enough so beach plums can pollinate these from time to time.
I guess it is a wild natural hybrid. Seeds are often sold.

I have no complaints about Hirt’s. It is like a box store in a way, but they produce or distribute for many nurseries and have many unique introductions. Like Solo and Maxi honeyberries. Now have others too.

You a fan of beach plums, Drew?

I don’t have any, but I probably would be. I bet they are great for cooking. Not so much for fresh eating. I want to add them one day. Cherry plums too. Some are heirlooms for sure.

I like hirts fine see this post Finding rare plants cheap!

Yes, Kevin. I have ordered from Hirt’s in the past and not had the best results. I think it’s a mixed bag with Hirt’s. I know other forum members have had just fine results. You might want to check out their rating on Dave’s Garden Watchdog:

Patty S.

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50/50 is not a good rating at all. The only thing I would buy from them after seeing that rating is what can’t be found easily or cheaply elsewhere. Now I feel lucky my plants were fine. The bad reviews they got sounds like they were for the most part from previous satisfied customers.

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Well that is easy as many are unique. I agree though, not the best, but may be our only choice on some things. I bought a couple Easter cacti from them that were really nice. Proven winners is another like this, and Solo and Maxie are from them, not Hirt’s. My bad.

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Thanks. I actually talked about their Dave’s Garden review in my OP (don’t worry…you can be forgiven for not reading my infamously long posts top to bottom!) but many of the negatives I saw were over really petty stuff. Still, sounds like they are so so. It caught my eye because they are pretty darn cheap and have a lot of a few things like figs, muscidines, etc

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Kevin, here is my experience: I order two figs. Both came and were so skinny they could only be seedlings, not rooted cuttings. They were in bad shape when they arrived and were infested with fungus gnats so badly, that it was a good thing I opened the box outside (a cloud of gnats came out). I couldn’t save either teeny plant, even after multiple soil treatments for the fungus gnats, when then spread to my other fig cuttings. A bit of a nightmare that spring. I also ordered something else from them (can’t remember), it also came as a microscopic specimen that succumbed. I would say with Hirt’s, you get what you pay for. They are cheap because their plants are very small and not well established. And, not well taken care of, coming with obvious infestations. I think about Hirt’s, then I think about the trees I received from Trees of Antiquity. Much much more expensive, but healthy, robust, HUGE root systems, super healthy. So, for me, I will not re-order from Hirt’s. Not worth it if the plants die and have to be re-ordered. Ends up being as expensive or more so, than a better grower.

Patty S.


Thanks Patty, and others. I thought maybe I had discovered some hidden gem of the nursery world. Thanks to you guys I guess I better not gamble it!

Nope. They’re been around for a while with a varied reputation. Talked about pretty extensively on other garden forums including GW. Some folks have had an okay experience. Especially if you can actually go to their garden center in person. Others with their mail order plants, not so much.

Patty S.

Wellspring Gardens is much cheaper, if that is the attraction. I ordered a couple years ago, not bad for the price.

I’ve ordered from Hirt’s just once, about two years ago. I ordered some kiwi plants. Prices were good, plants were alive and healthy, and everything arrived quickly. So, my limited experience was a good one, and I’d order again, and may do so soon.

I’ve ordered from Wellsprings several times. Always had good experiences with them. Just be aware that their plants are all tissue cultured and will be VERY small. However, the prices are very good if you don’t mind waiting for them to grow.

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