How is your weather? (Part 2)

Some very welcome rain. Temps very normal in far N. Florida this time of year. Hopefully a precursor to same as last spring. Best spring ever I’ve experienced here in 33 years.:grin:

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It’s nice and sunny, very low 60s, we had a free month of water, my husband is now turning back our sprinklers.

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a week at 40-50F, night before last got down to 25 again though and it’s been at our just above freezing since. it snowed tonight a little. back to the better winter weather.

I’m hoping no late cold snaps this year

Storm midweek looks interesting. Heavy snow for AR/MO and S Illinois. GFS puts down a foot+ in spots. Looks like this one should stay south of me.

We are getting bombed with snow today…and another huge storm coming on Wednesday night…ugh.

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Howling wind last night.

only flurries here but weds night/ thurs supposed to be a ft.

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Phoenix area reported some snowflakes this morning.

Still looking like a good storm from N Texas/Ok/AR/mo and right up into Maine. I get to sit this one out.

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The Mistral has been in full force for the past three days. Taking our temperatures down to 33 degrees, very unusual but it will change within a week or two. Spring we can say is on the way. All of the florists are selling the yellow Mimosas, a great sign of Spring and good luck in France. I bought my bouquet from the Marche last week. It lasted a day. The truth hurts! Anyways I will welcome the warmth of spring in three weeks for sure!

I’ve noticed my citrus plants that sit in front of a south facing patio door have started putting on growth. A sign of longer days i guess. The key lime has blooms that are about to open.

Sunshine finally. Blue skies are back.

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We ended up with about 12-14 inches.

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Winter starting late…probably last into June :grin:

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Cold incoming. Single digits by Sunday for high temps. Subzeros. booo… go away.

Light snow falling. Looks like light snow the next few days–not really adding up to much though (good).


The mistral has been ferocious this winter. By the middle of Feb. it will be far warmer. We really have only 3-4 weeks of winter without snow. I prefer this.

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got one hell of a storm coming tom. from 9-18’’ and 30mph winds tonight into tomorrow. maybe some rain/ sleet at the end.

We have 2+ inches of snow last night and more to come in next 4-5 days.

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The weather was not windy for a change, I was able to dump and harvest my compost. Tomorrow is windy again.

Rain on top of snow. That will be some concrete.

We had just a dusting here today. Still mild with low 30Fs. Not looking forward to the pattern change.


well it looks to be we got about 15in. and still snowing. many drifts to 3ft.due to the wind. time to fire up the Mahindra and get er’ done!


Not much snow, just a couple of inches, but it counts for winter.

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