How is your weather? (Part 2)

Minneapolis thinks they see their first 90F next weekend. Lots of humidity along with it.

No rain here overnight. Low rain chance this afternoon, so maybe we have a dry weekend for once.

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Dry summer weather is here. The euro ensemble forecast shows effectively no precipitation on the horizon anywhere in the west except pretty far north and maybe in the mountains of CO.

Strong heat wave this week too. Supposed to get near 100 here Tuesday-Wednesday, and the CA central valley is seeing high temps near 120 in some areas… ouch.

our first 100F day of the year. it’ll be in the high 90s for ten days coming up, 60s at night. likely to stay over 85 until September, now, with more 100+ coming up.

one thunderstorm last week, but it’s mighty dry now. I’ve been watering more than I like to

it’s less about still getting seasons and more about them getting more extreme, and days for them to start/end becoming unpredictable - along with major weather events such as storm, flood, heat waves, excessive snow, high wind


but here in Indiana i just don’t see the extremes, i see typical summers and typical winters. we always have tornadoes, hail, high winds in a thunder storm. sometimes rain for two weeks, the last flood we had was 25 years ago and it was a very wet spring that year.

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Family in the Houston area without power from Beryl.

My mother and sister both have ATT for cell service. Their towers are down / not working.

Sucks not to have power, but not to be able to use your phone to communicate or hit the WWW sucks.

The power issue isn’t so crazy as anyone who has spent their lives along the gulf coast has gone through many, many storms and many, many days without l

It’s not fun but…

First real “summer like” weather here. It’s been pretty wet and below normal temps. Quite pleasant really.

Central Europe is baking these days. Got up early to get some work done in the garden without passing out. After a while I realised I was humming Gardening At Night
Maybe it’s time to switch night and day and adjourn work meetings to rainy days.


Lookslike we’re getting some unexpected hurricane rain today

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95-105F and no rain at all, past week and on into next month. horrid

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Been dry now all week. 1st dry spell of the summer. Not much chance of rain by the looks of it. One last mowing today. 80Fs with dews in the 60Fs is about right. Good AC weather.

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mid to uppers 80’s in the 7 day with chance of showers every day. humidity is pegged at 80%. sweltering! repeat of last summer. my candy roaster squash and watermelons are loving it. i may get a few to eat yet!

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90’s. - 100’s

I had 89F in the car yesterday. Hot, but not sweltering. Dew points are staying in the 60Fs still. 90F the next 3, but major’ish cold front (for mid july) next week kicking temps back into the mid 70Fs. That will feel nice.

I got some poison ivy on my arms (not much, but enough to be annoying). 1st time since 1990. Can’t say i’ve ever seen it in the yard, but it was there (probably growing in with a trumpet vine i removed). All this rain has made weed growth insane this year and maybe that helped.

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It is dry, dry, dry. My grass is all crispy. Looked like it might rain today but didn’t.

Got a heaping downpour with wind 2 weeks ago - all it did was wash gravel down my driveway and knock a bunch of trees over!

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Major storm blew thru late afternoon. Lost power for a minute. Heavy rain. 50-60mph gusts.

Lookslike rounds of storms coming thru all weekend thru Monday. Summer thunderstorm time


yes, heavy wind blew many my potted plants to the ground. But the rain is nice, I don’t need to water the plants for few days

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We got 2 inches and more to come. So much for that creeping drought


Strong cell threw hail, cracked a redbud branch in the front yard, threw the playhouse with a bike inside in the backyard, pulled off a downspout, and around 10 downed power lines close by. Amazingly we still have power. Worse than all the tornado producing storms nearby so far this year.

Hoping it didn’t whack any of my bench grafts, didn’t check yet…