Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


Yes, Deer Candy. Believe it or not the D.V. leaves on this tree are all larger than the Asian. I don’t see this on my 90 chromosome rootstock.

Edit: sometimes trees in the shade do this, but never in full sun.


Yes, Chocolate is PVNA, I was sloppy to say it is astringent. I haven’t eaten any yet. Hopefully, soon.


I’m coming back to activate this topic.
I came across a result of Ukrainian experiments. It’s PDF , I have a probleme with the translation. But there is at least one other Ukrainian F1 hybrid.

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To you.


I can take a look and translate if you get me the link.


I can send it to you by email if you gives me tour address in private.
I sent it to a very good friend. :wink:

For me 3 varieties are mentioned.
F1"name-18", so not rosseyanka
And one F2 et one F3.


This was a study done in Crimea after the extreme 2005-06 winter.
Temperatures reached -13 F, -25 C and remained between 5 F to -4 F
(-15 to-20 C) for 3 days. Most kakis froze to the ground and some resprouts
did not survive the next growing season.

The hybrids that did best were F1 rossiyanka followed by F2 Nikitas Gift.
Both varieties produced fruit in 2006 although sharply reduced yields were
noted due to fruit drop. Nikitas Gift showed some dieback on one and two
year old wood.

For kaki the variety which performed best is named “conical” – “Конічна”
followed by varieties “Valentina” and “Abkhazia” in that order. Derevyanko
summarizes that since these 3 varieties showed some hardiness they can
likely be grown in areas outside of Crimea since similar winters are likely to
occur only once every 40-50 years.

F3 ‘Гора Говерла’ did not fare well with dieback to scaffold branching and
even the trunk resulting. They call rossiyanka F1 rossiyanka 18 for some reason,
I do believe its the regular one we are familiar with.


Rossyanka was the hardiest for me in Zone 5 at -19 F and no died back.
JT-02 got a few inches of the top died back at -19F so it was very hardy like Rossyanka. Casandra got 1/3 of the top died back at -19F but this tree was only 2 years old. Maybe it will be much more hardier with age and thicker bark. The 8 years old Nikita’s Gift with a large
9 inches trunk died back to a 3 feet stump and all the braches died without any Winter protection at -19 F. NG was not cold hardy for Zone 5 at all. This NG is being top work into a Rossyanka.



For taste only, which is best to you, Rosanyanka, JT-02 or Nikita’s Gift?f


I got to taste one JT-02 fruit last year from my tree and compared it to the Nikita’s Gift that has been produced for the last 4 years, the JT-02 has a more syrupy texture and richer taste than the very good tasting firmer ripened Nikita’s Gift. They both tasted a lot better than the non-astringent Kaki. Rossyanka was more productive with the 1/2 Asian/American persimmon taste. Very unique and very cold hardy. I hope my Kasandra will produce next year so I can compare the taste with the three hybrids that I mentioned above.



Thanks, Tony. A firm when ripe of NG is attractive to me. I wish it is a tad cold hardier.


Thanks for the information. Currently I only have rossiyanka growing and was planning on getting NG until I read about your experience. Now I just have to get my hands on some JT-02.


I come back to a statement I made.
The hybrid variety that make the biggest fruits makes fruits from 300 to 320 g.


Dax & SMC,

My Dr Kazas hybrid persimmon graft did not take due to the real hot temperature in the upper 90s this Spring. Did any of your Dr. Kazas grafts take?



Yes. At least one. However, it is in a large tupperware with many other grafts… mostly failed grafts… and it is overcrowded so I cannot get to it because of surgery, again.

Tony, I’m sure it’s fine. It’s that I just can’t get to it until Fall after my hand is healed.

I may have more grafts of it as well in a raised bed or at my friend’s lake.

I also sent wood to Jolene and she got it grafted or she purchased scions from Lehman but regardless has it. I sent it to others on the group or at least one other person on the East coast. I may have also sent it to Bambooman.



Yes, I checked my messages and Jolene was successful with (2).



Very good. As long as We got at least one that took. I just T budded a few failed grafts with JT-02 current growth green buds just for trial. I got a Rossyanka that took 4 years ago using the green bud. I will update the result later on this Summer.



I have bud wood on many of the persimmon grafts that I would be happy to remove as the branches are crowding the walkway.
If you want bud wood off the O.P. Nikita’s Gift/Dr Kazas Dax sent me I am happy to provide it.

*edited to correct…I bought the scion from Jerry Lehman because Dax recommended it.


Great Jolene, I got 2 OP Nikita’s Gift grafts took. I will pm you in early February 2019 for Dr. Kazas scions. Thanks in advance.



I just green budded some K.B.S. persimmon onto established d Virginiana back on the 29th of June.
I had a couple survive that I grafted last year on d lotus, but I am not impressed with that rootstock.
I figured I had nothing to lose trying. I was thinking about forcing the buds this year on a few, but might wait until spring on some. I like experimenting. :slight_smile:
The stuff I grafted last year hardly grew, and many died. The stuff I grafted this year onto rooted in stock is doing awesome.
Let me know how your summer budding turns out, and I’ll share my results.
Happy to send scion next year. I will be looking for Gyombo, and some of that Spanish variety Persimmon Bob has. R. Brilliante if you have any to swap, but I’m fine sending without trades.


Hi Tony,

“O.P. Nikita’s Gift” is ‘Dr. Kazas’

Jerry Lehman changed the name to Dr. Kazas. @joleneakamama while we were messaging I told you of this name change.

Best regards,