Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


That is a really interesting variety. Great work!
John S


Where do you buy the chuchupaka??[quote=“ramv, post:241, topic:2601”]


Likely the Ukraine and if it’s been introduced yet to Europe.



There are many hybrids available in EU that come from Ukraine. I am sure the better ones are going to make it to US soon as well


What about the taste of Gora Goverla, could somebody describe these fruits?


Are you referring to Chuchupaka?
I wonder if scionwood for this variety is available in the US.


I don’t have space for new trees in my zone 7a (Maryland) garden, but have a couple of mature enough Fuyu trees on which I can try to graft. Maybe it’s not logical to graft hybrids on the top of non-astringent Kaki, but at least Fuyu is hardy in my area.

I have Nikita’s Gift tree already producing (like it), have young JT-02 from Cliff, have young Rosseyanka and big, vigorous, productive and very tasty Saijo.

I’m interested in grafting Gora Goverla, Kasandra, Chuchupaka scions. Provided they are tasty. Don’t know where to get that scionwood yet.


No, I meant Nikita’s gift which you also have.


No it’s not, you won’t find scions of Gora Goverla or Chuchupaka in the US yet. GG is in the US but not available yet. In a few years you should start seeing it and others from the Gora series.


Few pictures of Gora Goverla aka Mountain Hoverla. Some fruits over 300g. My mother loves them.


Here is a photo of fruit in Ukraine.
The clearest, a little square is Gora Roman Kosch.
Next door, with the largest hybrid scar currently unveiled (300/330 grams) that I will graft in the spring.
Below in dark red gora goverla.
There is also Ragno, Rojo Brilliant, and some others including Muscat.


Is the big one NH3 or Super Rosseyanka?


This persimmon was not shown here I think.
His name is Memory of Cernaeva or Chernaeva. This wary translations that can lead to confusion.
Harbin may be able to end us a little more.
But, it is possible that there are two different cultivars of this variety. One with the scar and the other without.
Kinship is not known.
Because of the hat, the relationship with Tamopan was mentioned. In this discussion I had spoken of Tanpugai as another possibility.

But is more likely that kinship is with this non-hybrid persimmon, which is geographically close. It is big fruit and has a resistance at -22 ° C.


I can see where Tamopan may be in it’s parentage. Thanks for sharing the photos.


hi Arthus76 , where did you get this picture? this is my D.Lotus - Danube


In FB Peter.
Yes it’s your pictures.


This newly grafted Kazas Hybrid persimmon was the latest work from Jerry Lehman had put out several flowers. Hopefully one will hang on for a taste test. Thanks @Barkslip for trading.



Nice Tony!

Kazas as you know and not Kazar.

Best regards,



Ok. I will change it. Btw the flowers stem is really long. I haven’t seen this long stems from any of my Hybrids or Kaki persimmons. Very interesting. Did you like the taste while you visited Jerry Lehman’s farm?


They were all on the ground meaning the few remainders. My friend and I ate them with baby grubs all over and thru the fruit. There were only a couple remaining. At that stage and I’ll assume earlier when time to pick to eat or freshly fallen, they are much like virginiana but I cannot say for certain. I believe Jerry said they are much like virginiana. This was at the same time 100-42, 100-43, 100-44, 100-45, 100-46 were halfway thru producing or more than halfway. I recall Morris Burton being completely loaded with fruits on that day, also.