Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


@mamuang I hope it keeps these until they ripen. 50 was way too much for such a small tree. 8 seems about right. But I am concerned since there is so much talk about it being a dropper.


@markalbob Yes graft of the year.
But I’m cheating. No problem of wind, they are in my greenhouse. water + heat and persimmon pushes hard. I have trees that are already at the top of the tarpaulin (3.60 m or 11.81 ft.), Which represents a shoot of 10.5 ft minimum.

But it’s useless.
After I cut everything to 1 m (3.3 ft). It allows me to have a beautiful trunk a report root head very favorable for the recovery. Because in greenhouse the report root leaf is unbalanced.


I am rooting for you. I would like to hear your report of its taste.


Got to taste this new hybrid from Ukraine. It is rich and complex reminding me of the best american persimmon with extra hint of cinnamon and tropical fruit, definitely a different texture, taste lingering very sweet. Will have one a day for lasting experience.


Hey Harbin,what’s called this hybrid? Looks very nice, it has beautiful colors.


That looks awesome. Congrats!


Congratulations, I did not know that this variety became black if left in the tree longer.
The taste is changing too, I think.
Thank you for these beautiful photos.


It is called Chuchupaka. Now, if that sounds funny you should know that it was named after Vasyl Chuchupak a national hero from the Ukrainian War of Independence between 1918-21.


That is a very deep colored flesh. I’ve never seen anything like it.


How large is it? Its hard to tell the size from the photo.


I never answered this question even after tasting several of the Nikita Gift fruits.
Its a very tasty persimmon, close to Saijo but not quite there. Maybe they will get better but Saijo is amazing.
Smaller tree and VERY prolific.


The dark fruits reminded me of the Huk Gam Kaki persimmon.



There are other black khaki than the huk gam.


I am not sure if there are other black persimmon fruits but Huk Gam was the one that I remembered.


About 100 grams on the average. Somewhere between Rosseyanka and Nikita’s Gift but hardier than both.


Any hybrids that tasted good and hardier than Rossyanka is a winner in my book. This scion is on my wish list.



" About 100 grams on the average. Somewhere between Rosseyanka and Nikita’s Gift but hardier than both."
Which variety are you referring to here ?
Just for clarity .


I always enjoy seeing and hearing about hybrids I have not heard of. Thanks for sharing!


Harbin has indicated that the variety is Chuchupaka. It is one of the most resistant varieties to the cold.


In other words is on the wish list for many people :grinning: